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3 Keys to a Highly Profitable Sales Letter

With the right sales letter you can get a number of high quality sales and leads.

Writing a sales letter isn’t easy, but if you follow the right formula you are sure to get a pleasing outcome.

There are a variety of things that go into writing a winning sales letter so today I want to focus on a few things to keep in mind when writing your first one.

If you are looking to have success in your business learning how to write a sales letter that gets results is important.

Key Factors to Writing Your Sales Letter

1) A Good Headline

The first thing people are going to see is your headline. A headline should be direct, engaging, and powerful.

You don’t have much time to grab the readers attention so it should be the most important line in your sales letter.

This is what’s going to get them interested to read the second line and the second line should be constructed to get them to read the next line.

Every sentence is as important as the preceding one.

Your headline makes up the majority of the success of your sales letter.

Don’t take it lightly.

Your headline should get the wheels turning in their heads and have them curious to continue reading on.

2) Focus on Wants, Needs, Hopes, Dreams and Desires

This is the psychology of your sales letter.

People enjoy focusing on them and are usually looking for solutions to help improve their lives.

Write your sales letter with an out word “You” focus.

Put yourself in their shoes and write the letter from their point of view.

It should be written in a way that keeps them tuned in with the mindset of “What’s in it for me?”

Tap in to their emotions and make them feel like they need what you are giving them to make their life easier.

3) Have A Strong Close

You have to finish your sales letter strong.

You’ve taken the time to send them on a ride, but they don’t know what to do next.

Make sure you leave no stone unturned in letting them know what to do next.

People like to be lead and it’s your job to lead them to the sale.

Have a strong call to action and let them know everything they will receive in your P.S.

Don’t forget to leave out a P.S. in your sales letter because research has shown  it’s one of the first things people look at in your copy.

Be sure to restate a benefit or guarantee to draw them back into the copy of your sales letter.

A big part of your sales will be due to the fact that you ended your letter with a P.S.

Do not leave this out.

These are just a few of many tips that can be used in writing a winning sales letter.

While three were mentioned do not limit yourself to these factors.

Do your research and learn how to write a sales letter that produces results.

With practice you will get better and see an increase in sales over time.

Best Wishes!

3 Keys to a Highly Profitable Sales Letter was last modified: March 11th, 2015 by BJ Henderson

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