Who is BJ Henderson?

Welcome! Thank you for coming to my website and learning a little more about me. I’m a blogger that enjoys sharing information on how to make money online and start your own online business. One of my goals of the website is to help people take their blogging business to the next level by increasing readership and engagement. I hope to provide you with motivation to achieve your goals with blogging and making money online.

Interesting Facts About BJ Henderson

• BJ was born in Germany due to the fact his father was in the Military, but does not speak German or have dual citizenship.

• BJ has a strong passion for playing Chess and plays daily at Chess.com

• BJ has never been skydiving, but plans to go very soon. (Will share when it happens)

• BJ hasn’t worked a job since 2010 when he decided to live the laptop lifestyle and become an entrepreneur.


It all started with a vision…

And with that vision you must create clear and concise goals to where you want to take it. If you have come across my website you are either interested in learning how to make money online, inspiration, or becoming a better you.

Either way I am glad you decided to stop by.

My story online began some years back after being laid off from my job when the company I work for folded. I spent countless hours searching for a job that suited my interest and who I was, but could never really find anything fulfilling. After being unemployed for a couple of years, now broke and bills piling up, I knew I needed to make something happen. I began searching for alternative ways to generate income for myself. I did not want to have to rely on others to provide for me anymore. I needed something new, something exciting, something challenging.

…Thus my search began!

It was tough in the beginning trying to sift through all the information on the Web with how to make money online. I tried it all from software, copy and paste methods, and the one click success products.

Needless to say, none of that stuff worked…

I did not begin to make money online until I found a mentor. Somebody already successful online that could show me the ropes. It all boils down to creating the right foundation and building relationships with people. There is a learning curve, but if you can be teachable and coachable you can begin building a strong online business. There is no get rich quick in the online world, but you can get rich fast. Faster than it takes working the typical 9-5, but you have to work for it. You have to be focused and determined to succeed online. You must be willing to create a plan and then work that plan knowing that nothing is going to stop you from succeeding.


I am here to help you create that plan and become the person you need to be to achieve your goals. I enjoy building relationships with people and helping them attain the success they ultimately DESIRE. Allow me to follow you through your journey as you follow me through mine.

We can mastermind together, share our passions, our hopes, our dreams, our failures, and our successes.

I’ll be waiting to hear your story…

BJ Henderson

BJ Henderson