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Free Marketing Methods to Generate Targeted Traffic

Free Marketing MethodsWhen it comes to having a blog or website generating traffic is vital.

With no traffic you have nobody reading your work and no opportunity to make sales.

This is a big problem if you’re looking to have a business that creates freedom for your life.

You need traffic if you want to succeed online, but with that traffic comes patience if you’re in a position like I was when I first started online.

I had no extra money to use for paid traffic strategies.

This left me in a bind, but I didn’t give up.

I figured out alternate ways to get traffic, which lead me down a new path of learning free marketing strategies to generate free targeted traffic to my blog and squeeze pages.

While free methods take more time to build your business as opposed to paid methods, they work extremely well once the ground work is laid and you begin to get a constant flow of traffic.

The past week has been hectic for me and I hadn’t had much time to do a blog post.

With the free marketing methods I’ve used to build my business the flow of traffic to my blog has stayed consistent because of the previous work I’ve put into my blog.

Traffic flows to my website whether I do work or not because of the groundwork I’ve laid with free marketing methods.

Eventually you will get to a point where you are getting sales consistently and doing it on autopilot.

It all starts with a foundation.

If you have the time free marketing methods can outperform paid advertising methods in terms of generating traffic.

I know this from experience.

There are all kinds of free marketing methods that you can use to take your business to the next level.

Look at all the different options that you have at your disposal.

It’s phenomenal!

Free Marketing MethodsYou have article marketing, video marketing, forum marketing, blogging. search engine marketing, blog commenting, email marketing, affiliate programs, and many more.

These are some of the free methods I use and they have worked wonders for my business.

By taking the time to combine all of the free strategies you can create a ton of traffic daily for your business.

When you get to a point where you are making sales you can use that money to put back into your business to generate customers through paid traffic methods.

Just think of the traffic you can get using both free and paid strategies.

With that being said you have to start somewhere.

You must have a plan and work that plan.

Not everything has to be done quickly, if you build a foundation first you have something to fall back on if things don’t go according to plan.

With free marketing methods you learn more about yourself and how to run your business effectively from the ground up.

You have that foundation built.

If you make mistakes from using paid traffic methods and lose the money you have in your budget you still know how to get traffic to your site free.

Your business doesn’t have to completely suffer until you get the money to generate more traffic to make the necessary tweaks to generate sales.

This is why free marketing methods should be a part of your marketing strategy in the beginning.

My 3 Biggest Free Marketing Methods That Generate Consistent Traffic

1. Youtube VideosFree Marketing Methods

YouTube has been one of my best sources of traffic.

If you stay consistent with posting videos and learning how to search engine optimize your videos in YouTube you can generate lots of traffic in a short period of time.

YouTube is one of the largest visited sites on the internet.

What a wonderful source to get traffic back to your website by doing videos that people find informative and helpful.

You can link your videos back to your website or post and get people to check out your site to see what you have going on.

I’ve generated thousands of views just off one YouTube video before.

Your videos don’t have to be extra long.

I usually do videos anywhere in between 2-5 minutes.

Just make sure you are being yourself in the videos and people will resonate with them.

As time goes on you can learn how to edit and add things to your videos to make them look much better.

Just don’t be afraid to post.

Free Marketing Methods2. Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting has been a fulfilling traffic generating method to use.

Since I’ve started going to other blogs in the community it has increased my traffic, improved my comments, and has grown my list in a fairly quick time period.

Blog commenting takes a lot of time going to other people’s blog, reading their work, and making quality blog comments.

Two things I’ve learned is that you actually learn much better that way to improve your blog.

And you actually create genuine relationships and friendships with other people in your niche that can assist you with leveraging your business if you are sharing each other’s work.

You should take a block of time out of your day to frequent some of the most active bloggers in your niche space and begin building a relationship with them through blog commenting.

You will begin to see a spike in your traffic and interaction in no time.

Free Marketing Methods3. Search Engine Optimization

SEO has been a journey, but slowly has been building loads of traffic to my blog daily.

It’s a strategy that I have used to build a strong foundation by getting my blog posts ranked in the search engines for views.

When people type in a specific keyword in a search engine they get to my website because my articles where one of the one’s that popped up in their search.

This is nothing, but free targeted traffic!

It has took much time to get my articles ranked in the search engines, but has been well worth it because once the work is done it’s done.

I am constantly looking for better and more effective ways to improve my SEO efforts and it has been a rewarding task seeing the many people that frequent my blog due to the SEO techniques I’ve learned to apply in my business.

If you’re looking to take your business to new heights you should be learning and applying free marketing methods into your business as often as possible.

By using free methods you give yourself the ability to get a constant flow of traffic without having to pay.

With paid traffic you get a flow of traffic only for the amount of traffic you can pay for.

With free marketing methods you can get a consistent flow of traffic for a longer period of time.

In my opinion you should be learning how to apply free marketing methods to your business before moving to paid methods.

They’ve done great things for my business and I’m sure it can for yours as well.

Best Wishes!


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  1. Adrienne,

    You are exactly right every little bit helps. That was a big point I was trying to make. While article marketing doesn’t bring me an excess of traffic it does bring in traffic for me daily because I post articles weekly. I have done my research on the changes Google made, but it has still brought in some traffic for me and also people have used some of my articles to post on their sites, which brings me traffic.

    Blog commenting is also one of my favorites because of the interaction of it all. I actually enjoy connecting and sharing with others. It helps to keep me motivated and pushing forward with things.

    Videos can be fun. A lot of times people don’t enjoy videos because they are afraid of what others may think or that their videos aren’t good enough. I had that problem, but post them anyway. I realized the more videos I do the more comfortable I get doing them. YouTube is a great source for traffic though as it’s in the top 3 most visited sites on the net. Like blogging you have to find your space and go for it.

    I enjoy all the things that can be learned with SEO. It’s a lot of work, but as crazy as it may sound it’s actually fun to me. I get a kick from seeing the people who’ve actually found my blog through the search engines. Makes me feel accomplished. lol

    All is coming together fine. Still getting things in order from the move.

    Have a good one!


  2. Hey BJ,

    I didn’t think article marketing did as well today but since you are saying it’s still in your arsenal then you would be the better judge of that. It stopped working for me years ago when Google made yet another pagerank update and those types of sites were hit hard.

    As you know, blog commenting is my favorite way although it’s not the only way of course. I just feel that making that human connection will take you much further which you also mentioned here. When you can build that relationship with another blogger that can definitely take you so much further.

    I haven’t done as many videos these past few years as previous so I haven’t really focused much on YouTube.

    SEO is a must and I would hope people aren’t ignoring it. We all want to be found in the search engines although we never want to rely just on them. Every little bit helps is the way I see this.

    Thanks for this post and the tips you shared. Hope all is going well with you and have a wonderful week.

    Adrienne recently posted…How To Blog Your Way Out Of A JobMy Profile

  3. Nikhil,

    Yes SEO should definitely be a part of one’s long term strategy.

    Blog commenting is definitely a good way to go. I’ve seen you commenting like crazy on a few blogs and I can see it’s working well for you. Keep it up. It’s a great strategy to use if you do it correctly as I see you’re doing.

    With YouTube videos you have to be consistent and learn how to optimize your videos. People will start coming over to your blog from your videos. Sometimes I do videos along with my posts. So if you’re confident enough to do videos you should start working on that my friend.

    Thanks! You too!

  4. Ross,

    Thank you very much. I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to comment.

    Blog commenting has done some good things for my blog. If you’re not using it you should definitely take a shot at it if you have the time.

    Blogging is a relationship business. It’s a great way to build relationships with people. The information you can get is priceless in making your business better as well.

    YouTube is also awesome!

    Many people dream of $1500 days and you did that from just one source. Just goes to show you the power of YouTube. Congrats.

    Rinse, repeat, and add to the arsenal.

    Have a good one!

  5. This was a great post my friend!!

    I will have to try this blog commenting strategy you are using,
    as for the other two they DOMINATE!!!

    YouTube ALONE as given me a $1500 DAY…

    So, if anyone is thinking about branding and growing themselves
    through blogging and YouTube my answer is clear.

    HELL YES!! :))

    Thanks Brother,
    Ross Archibald

    [The Boss Maker]
    Ross Archibald recently posted…Can You Make Money with Kalatu Premium?My Profile

  6. Hello Bj !

    I would say that search engine optimization is something that one need to learn deeply. Only then one would be able to able to rank his post on google . But the traffic one gets from seo is lazer targeted and converts well !

    I have started a new blog and i am already receiving 50-60 visitors from blog commenting which is not bad for a new blog . So i can assure anyone about the power of blog commenting . It brings awesome results !

    I dont have much experience with youtube videos . Never got even a single visitor from youtube . So its time to work on that ..

    Nice post bj ! Keep writing !

    Happy Blogging !
    Nikhil Singh recently posted…How to Write a Blog Comment That Will Generate Traffic and Get You NoticedMy Profile

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