Residual Income

Residual Income: Internet Marketing Success Pillars

With most things in life there is a strategy or formula to attain the success you want to achieve.

The difference between the dreamers and the successful is the ability to seek the needed information to turn their dreams into reality.

Seekers are finders.

With internet marketing if you have the right foundation and an effective system you are automatically setting yourself up for a residual income

After building a foundation and tapping into a system that can eventually be automated I have seen an increase in sales in my online businesses.

The strategies I am going to discuss with you will also help you in building a strong foundation to take your business to the next level even if you know nothing about internet marketing.

A lot of it for me took trial and error, but my failures can be your success if you are willing to take the time to learn.

The 3 Components to Building a Successful Business…


Selecting the right product for your business is vital.

And having the ability to earn recurring commissions is what you should be working towards.

This is important because you only have to do the work once and you get to benefit from it month after month year after year.

Imagine making 40 sales over a period of time that net you $125 every single month without having to do any work.

At a $125 commission each time that is $5000 every single month.

Imagine the things you could do and the amount of free time you would have to continue to grow your business or do more enjoyable things.

Now remember this isn’t get rich quick, but it is get rich possible.

With a recurring monthly income you know a mark that you have to hit to stay at that income level, as well as increase your earnings to where you want to take them.

Now I hope this isn’t too confusing for you.

All you need for a Residual Income is:

1. A Wonderful Product

2. A Proven System with Landing Pages, Sales Pages, and Follow-Up Emails

3. Great Coaching/Training Weekly

You will be required to generate and direct traffic to the system that will be given to you once you sign up.

This will give you the ability to focus on the important things when it comes to growing your business.

It is an effective way to learn how to make money on the internet.

Some aspects of the business take trial and error, but the learning curve is fairly quick.

With coaching and research your success will be based upon the effort you put into yourself and the business.

Best Wishes!

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