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Target Market

Finding Your Target Market

No matter what you are selling you need to understand your customer base and appeal to their wants and needs.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a marketer is believing your product or service appeals to everyone across the board.

Your best bet is to narrow down your target market and provide a specialized product or service for that group.

It’s much better to have a market of raving customers begging for your product, then having to go out and convince people that your product is for them.

A target market of people excited about what you have to offer will often pay more and they will most likely benefit from your product or service.

What is a Target Market?

A target market is a group of individuals a business chooses to aim its marketing efforts in hopes of making a sale pertaining to their product or service.

It can be separated by many different aspects.

Some of which include: Location, Age, Gender, Race, Education, Income, etc.

If you want to maximize sales its your duty to narrow it down by figuring out whom you want to target, figuring out what they want, and filling that void.

Defining Your Target Market

1) Analyze the Competition

When most people think competition they think negative things.

Competition actually isn’t that bad if you are in the right niche.

It lets you know that people are spending money in that niche and are looking for the products and services in that niche to solve customer problems.

For instance, if you choose a niche like Fitness there is much competition because people are spending billions on fitness related stuff.

If you can narrow down a more niche specific market in the fitness space like toning thighs, then you can create a series of products and services for people specifically looking to tone their thighs.

You have narrowed it down and can now focus your efforts on solving the needs of that customer base.

2) Analyze Your Product/Service

Write out a list of each feature or benefit your product/service can produce for the customer.

Figure out creative ways to separate your product/service from the crowd and build your marketing campaign around that.

Explain to your target market the benefits they will receive and how much better their lives will be with what you have to offer.

Tap into the psyche of the customer and use the benefits of your product or service to touch on the pain points they are having.

Think about your market and figure out a way to be unique with your marketing.

Learn how to separate yourself from the competition and quickly become the ‘go-to’ person in that niche.

3) Choose Your Demographic 

Figure out who has a need for your product and who wants it.

The following factors include: age, location, gender, income level, education level, occupation, race, or marital status.

You can break it down as narrow as you’d like if there is a chance to benefit from it.

Too deep may not be good, but large enough to have enough people to make it worth while.

Defining the right target market is the hard part and will take some work.

Research will be needed and it may take some trial and error.

The trick is to find the perfect balance.

Once you know who you are targeting it will be much easier to figure out how to market to them effectively and create a business of raving customers.

Best Wishes!


3 “Freebies” to Attract More Subscribers

Subscribers are the bread and butter when it comes to email marketing.

They are the lifeblood of your business and how you communicate with them is important.

But how do you get people to subscribe to your list without feeling like you are hassling them?


Studies have shown that people are more willing to join your subscriber list if you have something to offer them free.

People enjoy value and will be ready to provide you with their personal information if they feel like they are getting something in return for it.

I’m going to share with you some free offers that you can use to promote anything and get subscribers to your email list.

If it’s a blog, squeeze page, forum, social media, or your very own site these methods work.

Free offers have been, and probably forever will be, a sure way to get targeted subscribers to your list.

After that it’s your duty to provide them with massive value and give them the necessary solutions to their problems.

There are many things that can be offered for free, but today the focus will be on a free report, software download, and video series.

Recommended “Freebies” to Offer Subscribers:

1) Free Report

A free report does not have to be too extensive, but should have detailed information for their wants and needs.

Most reports range in between 10-30 pages.

Once your report is done, all you have to do is drive traffic to your website and make sure you have multiple ways to show them your offer.

For example, pop up boxes, header tabs, or widget tabs with your offer for a free download.

Images also work well to help increase subscribers downloading your report.

The importance of your report is to help build your credibility and put you in position as an authority figure.

Make sure the information is precise and to the point.

2) Software Download

Not all people are interested in reading a free report.

A software download could include an MP3 for listening to a report or it could include software to improve their business.

Also, if you are providing them with an MP3 download it gives them the opportunity to listen on the go.

Images are also good here because they give the feel of  a complete product that they are getting for free.

The objective is to get the subscriber to opt-in to your list so making them feel like they are getting something for nothing is important.

3) Video Series

One of the most effective methods to get new subscribers is providing them with an informative video series.

Videos can be broken down into a 3-5 part series giving the subscriber a little bit of information in each one that leads up to the next.

This is a great way to build up a relationship, show them who your are, and stretch out the information over a reasonable period of time with sending a video daily or every other day.

Once you figure out which method works best for you, you could incorporate all three into your autoresponder sequence leading up to your offer.

These three methods can can be offered on your blog, capture pages, forums, or website to get more subscribers.

Anywhere that people are looking for what you have to offer.

Your duty is to make sure that it is beneficial to them and can improve their problems.

If you can fix their problem you will be able to help someone out and potentially gain a customer for life.