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Why You Should Think About Starting an Online Business

The internet has created many entrepreneurs across the globe.

Some people not having any experience, tech savvy, or any money have created online businesses that prosper.

There are lots of benefits of starting your own online business.

If you’re someone who’s on the fence about starting your own online business I think you should take some time to reflect on how it could change your life and the benefits are starting one.

My reason for starting an online business was not wanting to have to work for someone else.

I wanted to have freedom, flexibility with my time, and an opportunity to make money 24 hours a day.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like having to punch the clock this post is for you.

Today I wanted to discuss why you should start your own online business and the benefits it can offer.

Starting Your Online Business

Starting an online business isn’t as difficult as one might think.

You can get your business started with less than about $100.

You’ll need web hosting, a domain name, and an autoresponder.

Now just because you have these three things does not mean you’ll be well on your way to quitting your job, but it does mean that you have taken the necessary steps to creating an online business that can potentially allow you to quit your job somewhere down the line.

If you never get started then you’ll never have the opportunity to get yourself from where you are to where you want to go.

Benefits of an Online Business

1) Low Costs

As noted earlier to get started with your own online business, the costs are low compared to other ventures.

There are some business opportunities on the web that don’t even require you to have a website.

So people make a living online just building an email list and marketing various affiliate products or even their own.

It’s not like an offline business where you have rent, employees, inventory, and have to drive to every day.

With an online business you have the opportunity to work in the bed, the living room, your favorite coffee shop, etc.


You can run your business from the power of your laptop and be profitable doing it with the right plan and work ethic.

2) You Control Your Income

One of the biggest reasons I wanted to start an online business was to be able to control my income.

With most jobs there is a cap on what you can make.

If it’s salary, you work at the mercy of your boss only to see the same pay every pay period.

It it’s by the hour, you only have a limited amount of hours you can work in a day.

With an online business it can work for you 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Who wouldn’t want that?

What you earn is solely based on YOU and your EFFORTS of creating the kind of business you want for yourself.

3. People Spend Money on the Internet

It’s been reported that consumers will spend about $327 Billion online in 2016.

That’s a huge amount of money and if you can tap into a small percentage of that you can make a decent living for yourself.

It’s all about finding your place on the web and carving out your own little niche.

Internet spending is estimated to account for 40% of all retail sales by 2020 and 84% of the world’s internet users now shop online.

People enjoy spending money from the comfort of their own home.

These are just a few of many benefits when it comes to online business.

If you are looking to start your own online business do your research and figure out your niche.

There is money to be made on the internet, but it’s going to take some work.

If you are looking for a new way to make a living, freedom, more time to spend with family, or to quit your job then starting your own online business could be the way to go.

It’s created new lives for countless others and you could be the next.

See you at the top.

Best Wishes!

Believe in the Process

The way you view yourself will play a big role in the success or failure of your life.

Ultimately the success and failures you have in your life will be based off your personal beliefs and how you see things around you.

If you are the type of individual that gets involved in projects just because it’s something to do I can assure you majority of the time you are going to fail.

The reason why is because you’re not going to believe in the process.

I’ve seen many people get involved in online business because of a job loss, their back is against the wall, or it was just something they wanted to try.

This is a real, breathing, living, striving business, and it’s going to take love and care just like any other business venture.

People come in with their mind set on the event or making loads of money online without understanding the process of the work and the things required to be successful.

The only way you will ever be successful in anything or achieve any goals is if you believe in the process.

You have to take things day by day.

One step at a time and believe in the process of the little things adding up to something big.

If your focus is set on the process instead of the event you won’t last.

A plan must be set, followed, and executed to the utmost importance.

It’s difficult to focus and believe in the process if you have no ceiling of what you can do, but it’s needed to get to where you want to be.

Begin basing your goals off time frames and do you best not to focus on the end point.

You will get so much further with your goals if you follow a process and believe that what you are doing is going to lead you to success.

Remain consistent and stay persistent.

Believe in the process.

Best wishes!

Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way in which companies sell their products and/or services through other companies or individuals (known as affiliates) for a commission.

This is done in two main approaches; you either become an affiliate to another business or offer other marketers an affiliate program.

Affiliate marketers earn a commission fee for each lead or sale they channel to the business owner.

This type of marketing thrives more on the diversity of networks different people have, ensuring that the products or services being offered reach every corner of the world bearing in mind that the bulk of it is done online.

The main challenge entrepreneurs have is finding affiliates capable of reaching the diverse untapped markets with their products or services.

If the product is really good, the chances of realizing the most from any affiliate marketing campaign are high.

Anyway who doesn’t want to lay his or her hands on a high quality product or an amazing service?

If there is demand for something, many people will want to be part of the success story and help fill the marketing gap as they make a few extra dollars on the sides.

To succeed, it is recommended that a product be introduced through a more trusted company, especially if you are just starting with no market presence.

Doing this can grab more prospects’ attention than doing it on your own.

To find trusted and committed affiliates will depend on the offer you place before them.

If the commission is reasonable, the product is good and there is a market demand, attracting affiliates is easier in that case.

It is important to be cautious with affiliate marketing lest you end up competing for eyeballs with your affiliates.

To do this, map out and clearly specify what marketing channels your affiliates should keep off from.

Example, if you are using search engines, email lists or content sites, advise your affiliates to keep off and explore alternative sources.

Having marketing restrictions in the affiliate agreement will help eliminate the confusion-there is nothing wrong in setting the rules for the good of all.

This is however only ideal if you intend most of the marketing efforts.

For those who prefer to let affiliate handle most of the internet marketing, this there should be a caveat on the allowable marketing platforms so long as they get the leads, make their commissions and everyone is happy.

Joining an affiliate program doesn’t guarantee a long term job opportunity.

Those who have ever tried it will attest to the fact that the work can be demanding.

Business owners also want enthusiast who share their business dreams.

Therefore, they prefer working with the best while the rest are left out.

After all, the Pareto principle, also known as the 80-20 rule applies in this case; most of the revenue will come from a small number of affiliates.

Managing a large affiliate network can also be demanding, a lean team is recommended.

Payment for leads in affiliate marketing is done flexibly; sometimes based on the number of leads or sales or periodically.

Most systems allow affiliates to monitor their income in real-time and can withdraw their earnings after hitting a certain goal.

Make sure you do your research on the best affiliate programs and create plan to market.

Don’t just some products down people’s throats…

Figure out a need and provide a solution.

You will see your efforts pay off in the long run.

Best Wishes!

Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities On the Internet

There are many business opportunities on the internet anyone with a computer can explore.

This is the beauty of the internet, the endless possibilities.

The success of any business online depends on the marketing strategy.

As of 2014, there were 2.94 billion web users in the world.

This is a huge number, if viewed as prospective customers, clients or buyers.

Every second there is someone making an online purchase or an inquiring about a certain product or service.

Therefore, the main effort should be finding your target market and figuring out what they want.

Today I wanted to discuss a few ways you can get your online business up and running other than having a blog.

Business Opportunities You Can Start Online

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been in existence for quite some time, long before social media made it to your web browsers.

Owning an email list is still a priceless asset that most entrepreneurs will do anything to have.

Software has been designed to collect and organize web users’ emails but having a large email list doesn’t guarantee success.

You can realize more business opportunities if only the list is used effectively.

The sign-up process has to be as straightforward as possible, and when contacting your contacts, use persuasive language.

These are some of the best practices that you have to stick to and always comply with email providers’ requirements.

Finally, keep growing the list and keep regular communication with your list.

Video Marketing

Video marketing has grown tremendously in the past few years, making YouTube the most popular video search engine in the world.

People enjoy reading, but they love watching.

If you can sum up your marketing message in a short video, then you definitely can explore this as one of the many business opportunities on the internet.

Just make sure that the videos are captivating and of the highest possible standard to attract viewership.

With your own channel on YouTube and other video sharing sites, other users can subscribe to your channel that can be targeted for your marketing communication.


Multi-Level-Marketing is a common marketing technique in which marketers are compensated, mainly through commission for both the generated sales as well as sales made by their teams of sales persons or marketers.

There are more levels of marketing or sales, and in each level there is a form of compensation.

The larger and successful team you manage, the more money you make.

This is one of the most readily available business opportunities for not only budding marketers but also entrepreneurs with stuff to sell online.

To be successful here, one has to recruit the best downline sales team to get the sales message out and generate leads and close as many sales as possible.

Pay Per Click

There are two main ways in which a website owner can generate traffic; organic traffic through SEO or PPC.

PPC is a business opportunity in which advertisers place ads on major search engines, websites or blogs and pay a certain fee every time they are clicked on.

In short, traffic generated through PPC is paid for, unlike SEO that is organic and free.

It is also known as search engine advertising and is a popular form of internet marketing.

The only disadvantage with this strategy is that your reach is dependent on the availability of funds; the more the click-through, the more money you pay and vice versa.

However, payments are only made for the traffic generated.

The many business opportunities available online require commitment and passion.

You have to think outside the box and keep an eye on the chasing competition.

Remain dedicated to your business and you will make it.

Figure out which of these models could work best for you and your business, then get started.

Best Wishes!


Lots of Online Business Ideas?

Everything you are surrounded by started out as an idea.

I know when I began online it was an idea of how to make money utilizing the internet.

It was a crazy idea to my friends and family, but one that was on my mind daily.

The great thing about having an idea you are passionate about is once it hits you it’s hard to get it off your mind.

Without ideas progress can’t be made and if progress can’t be made then it will be tough for you to turn your idea into a reality.

Action is the most important fuel for the fruition of an idea, but having a plan is a good place to start.

If you are the type that gets lots of ideas flowing, but don’t know how to act on those ideas today’s post is for you.

Here are a few things I find helpful when it comes to ideas.

Write Down Your Ideas

I recommend going out and getting a notebook, as well as flashcards.

There is nothing better than being able to physically put that idea on paper for review whenever you want.

When those ideas and thoughts get flowing grab a pen and just write.

Don’t over think it, but just go with the flow and let it all spill out on the paper.

Separate the ideas you feel are best and elaborate on why you think they are and how you can turn those ideas into something tangible.

Always remember that no idea is a bad idea.

If it’s something that is on your mind write it down, it’s there for a reason.

The most important thing is getting it out of your head so that you can review it later.

The ideas you feel like you can work with best should be transferred over to a flashcard so that you can carry it with you throughout the day.

This keeps the idea fresh on your mind and allows your mind the ability to be able to analyze and create solutions for that idea.

Write Out All Solutions

If you get to the point where you have solutions for you ideas begin to write down everyone in as much detail as possible.

No matter how wild it may sound to you write it down.

You can always go back and change something or improve later.

Write out each step you feel it would take for you to make your idea real.

Review Ideas Daily

When you have your ideas on paper and possible solutions for turning them into reality review them daily.

Focus on the ideas you think are best and narrow it down to the one you feel you can work off.

Once you have that one idea you feel like is it take action and move forward with that idea.

Keep that one idea in front of your eyes and on your mind as often as possible.

Transfer it to your flashcard and review it when you wake and before bed most importantly, but any other time as well if you can throughout the middle of the day.

Focus on it, ask question to yourself, and ask questions to others.

Don’t let anyone deter your from that idea and research everything you can about it.

Create goals for yourself and focus on achieving those goals daily.

You will soon realize that the small steps you take to turn your idea into a reality will soon start creating something you never knew was possible before.

Best Wishes!

Online Business: Managing Distractions

It can be difficult to focus on work when you’re on the phone, checking emails every second, thinking about personal problems, and getting lost surfing the web.

It’s so easy to get off track with things when you don’t have a plan and a burning desire to manifest that plan.

It’s all about figuring out the things that distract you most and decide how to manage them properly.

Distractions will always be a part of many things in life, but when it comes to your online business it prevents you from achieving your goals on time.

How do you handle distractions?

There are several things I want to discuss that has helped me improve with my online business and productivity.

3 Ways to Deal With Distractions

1) Create a schedule

If you have no schedule you are going to drift and not be focused properly.

No part of your business will ever be a priority because you never schedule an allotted time for yourself to actually sit down and work.

When I began dedicating at least two hours a day to my business it grew rapidly.

I started getting more things done over time and building it up gradually.

You know from 8am-10am that you need to get as much work done as possible and after that you do nothing extra.

Having a set schedule will increase productivity and grow your business like you never thought.

2) Disable electronics

We all know when you are working if something interesting comes on the television we stop to watch it for a few or sometimes even stop to finish the program.

How often does your phone ring or a message come through and you feel compelled to check it?

I know for myself I would spend lots of time checking every notification that comes through on my phone.

Once I began to leave the television off and putting my cell phone away I began to stay on task much more often and after a while is became easier.

Sometimes you just build up a habit of checking these things and it prevents you from valuable time that should be spent on your business like researching, blogging, and learning, and doing videos.

3) Work in 50 min intervals/ 10 min break

It two hours straight is too long for your or however long you decide to spend on your business work in 50 min intervals and take to 10 min break to check your emails or your phone.

It’s all about taking that time and utilizing it to the best you can.

When I began working for 50 min and taking a 10 min break before getting back to work it was much easier for me to stay on task.

Much time isn’t need to get a reasonable about of work done, but focus during the time you do use is important.

Don’t burn yourself out.

Keep your mind sharp by taking a 10 min break and getting back to work diligently when your time is up.

You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish spending two hours a day on your online business.

Distractions can suck the life out of your business.

Following these three steps got my business on track and has helped me improve it by leaps.

Treat you online business seriously and never stop trying to make it better.

Make a list of distractions you are having in your business, address them, and come up with solutions.

In the end you will see how much further you can take your business once you get rid of the distractions.

Best Wishes!

Article Marketing

Using Article Marketing to Drive Traffic

Article marketing is an awesome way to drive traffic to your website if used properly.

It can be used as a form of marketing and advertising by which you write articles and submit them to article marketplaces.

The articles should be niche related and can be used to redirect traffic back to your main site.

Article marketing is a great way to get high quality traffic for free.

Many people join article marketing directories daily to promote products or services and acquire information.

These directories can be used to grow your business by leaps and bounds quickly and for free.

Tips for Article Marketing

Write 400-600 word articles- Keep your articles within the 400-600 word range. People tend to like to read the shorter articles that are information packed and to the point. If you can stay in the range you will keep peoples attention and attract more engaging readers.

Interesting Titles- Try to make your titles interested and SEO focused. If you have a keyword you are working off, which you should, it should be in the title and strategically placed throughout the article to help you in the search engines. Try to make your titles information focused and stand out from the competition.

Remain Consistent- Post as often as possible to show how serious you are about your craft. Engage your readers and comment on other peoples posts. Spend time daily reading other articles and exchanging ideas among members of the directories.

Benefits of Article Marketing

1) Free Targeted Leads

If you are looking for a way to get organic traffic article marketing is a good way to get free leads that are targeted to your niche.

If you are writing niche specific articles on topics people are interested in they will respond well to your posts.

Your articles will give you the ability to build trust with your subscribers as long as you are providing them with quality content.

Your objective should be to convert these people into raving fans.

The more articles you post the more people will see you as an expert and will want to join your list and purchase products from you over time.

There are many directories out there to choose from.

Make sure you join the ones that have a steady flow of traffic and have good interaction between members.

Some examples of directories you can join include:

2) Improve Search Engine Rank

By utilizing the power of article marketing you can also boost your search engine rankings.

It all comes down to getting your articles out there and building that foundation on the web with back linking, keywords, shares, and traffic.

Over time your site will gain recognition and your popularity will increase gradually bringing you more quality free traffic.

This isn’t an easy way of generating traffic for your blog/website, but the traffic will be quality organic traffic.

People that are totally looking for what you have to offer.

It will be time consuming compared to most other strategies, but is a great strategy for building a strong foundation for your business that will generate leads gradually over a longer period of time as opposed to paid traffic strategies.

Best Wishes!

2 Reasons to Host Your Own Blog

There are millions of people who have wonderful blogs online today.

They provide valuable content, wonderful graphics, and awesome pictures.

All great things when it comes to blogging.

But the one thing that’s not in their favor is it’s being done using a free blogging platform.

This is good if you are blogging as a hobby or a way to express yourself.

But not so good if you are blogging from a business perspective.

All of your hard work and effort can easily be wiped away in the click of a button, with no questions asked if you aren’t using your own hosting and domain name because you do not own your blog.

Why not build something that you have full control over from the very start.

Why You Should Host Your Own Blog:

1) Branding

If you are blogging for business or to build a name for yourself online branding is a key element in separating yourself from the crowd.

Free blogging platforms make it much harder for you to stand out from the crowd because no matter how hard you work or promote yourself you still are promoting their brand.

Here’s what I mean:

If you are using a blogging site like to do your blog you will have to create your own name on the site for your blog.

Let’s say you use John Smith.

Your blog name would be

Isn’t that a long domain name to explain to your friends, family, or readers.

Wouldn’t be much easier to explain and much easier for them to remember?

No matter how much effort you put into the blog the harsh reality in the end is it isn’t really yours.

By owning your own blog you allow yourself the ability to brand yourself or your site with no conflict.

2) You Have Complete Control

If you are going to have a business online, especially blogging, why not have complete control over it.

You can make the blog any way you want with no restrictions or backlash.

What you post, the pictures you use, the look of your site, and the functionality all depend on you and your efforts.

While owning your own blog may take a bit more effort than using a free platform a piece of mind of having complete control of all aspects of your blog should make it worth while.

If your blog gets shut down on a free blogging platform you could always move to another of course, but that comes with risk of losing your readership and all of your work.

Having complete control of your blog from the beginning allows you to maintain your readership and your work for as long as you own your domain name and pay your hosting fees.

Don’t let hosting your own blog discourage you.

It’s inexpensive to get your own hosting and domain name.

Both combined can cost anywhere from 10-15 dollars a month.

Using WordPress as a platform for your blog you can easily learn how to set it up in less than a day.

It allows you to bypass all the technical stuff like html coding and allows you to easily add features, pictures, and posts quickly.

Again if you are looking to start up a blog for business, I recommend starting it the right way by getting your own hosting and domain from the beginning.

Using these tips will get you started off right.

Best Wishes!


Network Marketing: Building Your Business

In network marketing building a business takes work.

There is no magic pill when it comes to building a successful business other than hard work and dedication.

As a business owner you must provide the nourishment and love to your business in order to see it grow.

It’s about building relationships with people, fulfilling a need, and providing excellent leadership qualities.

Business is an ever changing entity, so as a business owner you must display flexibility and adaptability.

You must learn how to strive in a recession, keep up with trends and technology, stay relevant in the market place, and keep costs low.

How Can You Build a Lasting Business?

While there is no guarantee that your business will flourish here are some tips that are needed for a business that will last:

1) Build a Strong Foundation

Just like a house a business needs to be built with a strong foundation.

Set out clear and definite goals to work off.

Always display integrity, dedication, teamwork, and good communication.

Make sure that those you work with understand your vision and are willing to help you build your dream by building theirs.

2) Expect the Unexpected

When getting into business, even when having a business plan, there is no clear cut way to build a business.

Anything that can happen will happen.

Just be prepared to tackle all obstacles and face all challenges.

You must always keep a clear mind and understand the outcome is inevitable as long as you don’t give up.

Many things can be learned along the journey and failures are just stepping stones to the top.

3) Have a Clear Sense of Your Market

Knowing your market is vital is building a business that is strong and lasting.

Always be aware of market trends and make sure your marketing strategies are relevant to a targeted group.

Do effective research to stay on top of the customer’s need and focus on creating a solution for their problem.

4) Monitor Costs

Cash is king of any business.

You are in business to make a profit.

Always keep up with what is coming in and what is going out.

Learn how to budget wisely and only spend on things that will benefit your business.

Track all costs.

5) Be A Teacher

Build relationships with those you work with and always provide them with value to build their businesses effectively.

Any new strategy or technique that works for you share it with your group.

Learn how to teach strategies and encourage those you work with. Ultimately their success is your success.

6) Learn from Others

Never stop seeking new ideas, techniques, or strategies from others. Ask questions and seek answers. Business is an ever learning entity and if you aren’t learning you aren’t growing. Stay on top of reading, networking, listening, and sharing.

7) Balance Your Life

Building a business can take up a lot of your time.

Make sure you have some balance in your life so you don’t get burnt out.

If you are in a relationship, have family, or friends learn how to find time for them or express to them the importance of building your business.

Nobody likes to be neglected so keeping communication with the one’s you love and making an effort to spend time with them is priceless.

Do not burn yourself out…breaks are a good thing to keep you energized and fresh.

8) Celebrate Your Successes

Come up with ways to celebrate your small successes along the way.

Maybe a treat for your first sale, a vacation after your 50thsale, a gift after your 100th sale.

It doesn’t matter the celebration just as long as you take the time to acknowledge your successes.

This keeps you focused on the end result of building a business that will eventually last and provide you with the lifestyle you desire.

You create a business or join a business opportunity for a reason.

Maybe it’s for your family, a better life, or just for the heck of it.

For whatever reason there is something that you feel like you a missing and you understand a business can provide a way for you.

Do not take it lightly.

Learn what you need to learn to build a strong lasting business.

Never stop seeking a path of personal development because a better you is vital in building a better network marketing business.

Best wishes!