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Writing Your First Classified Ad

Nothing can happen in your email marketing business without generating leads.

If you can’t get leads and convert those leads into sales then you are wasting your efforts.

Furthermore, if you don’t know how to write your ads in a way that will generate leads then you’re going to have a hard time building your online business.

What is a Classified Ad?

A classified ad is a form of advertising most commonly used in newspapers, periodicals, or online publications.

While some are paid, most can be done free.

Classified ad writing can be considered an art form due to the fact that you have very limited space advertise to leads.

Your goal should be to post often and get to the point quickly.

Today I want to discuss a couple tips that can help you compose your classified ad in a way that will generate leads.

This will work for paid and free ads alike.

2 Tips for Writing a Classified Ad?

1) Target Your Prospects

It’s imperative that you target your prospects.

If you are writing your classified ad in a way that targets everyone then you will not reach anyone.

Your objective should be to focus on your target group and address their pain points.

Focus on your niche market and write your ad in a way that directly correlates with what they need.

You should be thinking about the age, gender, lifestyle, and income group you are looking to target.

When you figure out your group target write you classified as in a way that directly speaks to them.

In the end this will give you the best opportunity to generate targeted prospects for your business that are looking to buy.

2) Have an Amazing Headline

A headline alone can make or break an ad.

You should spend your time focusing on a headline that is going to capture this groups attention.

Once you have figured out the group you want to target you want to compose a headline that’s going to get them to click.

Your headline to explain what’s in it for them if they click.

Although you won’t have much space for a long headline it should be written in a way that gets their attention and makes them want to click to learn more.

Your headline should be unique, ultra-specific, useful to their problem, and should create a sense of urgency in their minds.

If you can write a headline that covers these four things you can get targeted prospects clicking your ad for more.

Even if you can cover two out of the four your chances of them clicking are better than none.

These two tips should be used when writing your first classified ad.

If you take the time to master these two things you will be well on your way to getting the most out of your efforts.

Do not forget to focus on your target group and move them emotionally.

People respond to words that can get them thinking or make them feel a certain way.

If you can connect with them on an emotional level you can get them to click and potentially gain a customer for life.

Focus on these tips and you will be well on your way to building a wonderful business.

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Best Wishes!