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Walking: A Simple Way to Lose Weight

Walking to lose weight is one of the best ways a beginner can get into shape, and improve health easily. It’s cost effective, low impact, easy to do, and can be done alone or in a group.

To lose weight and make sure it doesn’t come back you must get moving and stay moving for at least 30-60min about 5 days a week. Just walking at a moderate pace burns stored fat and can build muscle throughout the body.

Walking to lose weight up to an hour a day greatly reduces the risk of heart disease, certain cancers, stroke, and diabetes.

I’ve heard people say that an hour is a lot, but one thing they don’t realize is you don’t even need a consistent hour. It can be broken down to two 30 minute walks.

Your health is valuable and taking a little time out of your day for yourself is vital to living a healthy life. It’s recommended that we get at least 10,000 steps per day, which can often times be the equivalent of about a 30 minute walk.

If you don’t know how many steps you’re taking per day you can purchase a pedometer (step counter) to assist with giving you a range of how many steps your taking daily.

I say range because not all pedometers are made equal and sometimes not all your steps may be counted. So depending on how serious you are about getting those steps in you may want to find a pretty good pedometer.

With that being said any amount of activity is best as long as it’s not the usual day for you. Do a little extra each day. You will benefit off any extra activity you do because the body will adapt.

Studies have shown that people that get up to 10,000 steps daily experience health benefits like reducing blood pressure, improving glucose levels, and decreasing heart rate to name a few. Plus you feel a lot better too.

And when the weight drops you may think you look a lot better.

The average US adult gets about 5900 steps in a day so if that’s you working your way up to 8000 should be your first goal. Maybe add an extra 10 minute walk in your day, take the stairs, or park further away when running errands.

All little things that won’t get in the way or your day and after a while you probably won’t even notice. Once it becomes routine it will be just what you do.

If you’re not used to getting 10000 steps in a day don’t overdo it. Set goals for yourself and you’re on your way up. If you have any doubts, concerns, or health issues consult your doctor before doing any form of exercise that may cause any issues.

Safety first!

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Jump Roping: A Cheap Portable Way to Be Fit

I can remember moving into my first apartment as a young man on a very chilly and snowy day. Quite the fit young fellow back then I needed to get my daily fitness workout in, but the cold and snow would not allow me to get to the track to run.

Trying to figure out what I could do to not miss a day jump roping quickly came to mind. I bought it for less than $20, but like most exercise equipment we buy, we use it a few times and throw it in the closet.

Going through boxes, digging in crates, and looking in my underwear drawer I found my jump rope neatly wrapped under some boxers. How and why it was there I have no idea, but I was in there like swimwear (No pun intended lol) ready to get my workout in.

Jump roping can be used as a great way to burn calories.

You get a great cardiovascular workout and you work some of those tiny muscles in the lower legs, hips, and thighs. It also strengthens muscles in the upper body and very important your balance and core.

Don’t believe me…a 15-20 minute workout will whip you pretty good depending on your intensity. You would have to run an eight-minute mile to work off more calories than you would burn jumping rope.

…And my fastest mile ever is around 6m30s, so that sounds pretty darn good to me!

Jump roping can be done as one of the most efficient ways of improving cardiovascular fitness in as little as ten minutes. It’s simple to do, but complex in how it improves multiple functions of the body.

It’s ideal for brain exercise, strengthening bones, and as I stated earlier improving your balance.

Research has shown that jump roping for a minimum of five minutes a day can improve physical fitness and 10 minutes at 120 RPMS (Rotations per minute) can provide the same benefits as:

  • 18 holes of golf
  • 30 minutes jogging
  • 2 sets of tennis
  • Swimming
  • 30 minutes of handball or racquet.

It has also been linked to improving spacial awareness, reading skill, a better memory, and mental alertness. You really do work the mind while jumping rope because the body is not in its natural state with being on the balls of your feet.

You have to focus the body and mind to compensate for the imbalances created from the constant jumping. This improves your balance, coordination, focus, reflexes, and endurance.

It also reduces some of the stress and strain other more intense workout might cause like running or doing plyometrics.

It’s a great way to warm-up or a complete workout to improve overall health and fitness. Many athletes use this form of exercise for warm ups or great workouts.

Jump roping is simple to learn, can be performed by all ages, is low impact high intensity, and can be used as a perfect building block to make some positive changes in your overall health if done consistently.

Get out there and jump yourself fit!