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2 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

Setting up a blog has become much easier with sites like Blogger and WordPress. Today it doesn’t take much to setup a blog. It only requires basic skills, because you don’t have to know much HTML if any at all.

This is one reason why the blogging world has become a huge space that attracts new people daily. With so many people blogging and so much information on the Web the question to ask is:

How do you attract new visitors to your blog?

In today’s post I’m going to share with you two easy and free ways to increase traffic to your blog.

1) Article Marketing

Article marketing is pretty simple. It’s creating quality articles and posting them to your blog site or article directories. The difficult part is providing quality content that separates you from the competition and staying consistent with posting your articles.

The best directories will help to get your articles ranked more quickly, which would usually take much longer on your own. So take time to find which directories will work best for you.

You can find some article directories simply by doing a Google search. One of which I am a member of is

All you have to do is write the article one time and post it to the different blogs and directories. This helps giving your content credibility and once again will assist with ranking it higher in the search engines.

Furthermore, your articles can be submitted to the article directories for syndication. This allows other people to post your work to their blog or site as long as they give you the credit for writing the article.

Another way to increase traffic to your blog is…

2) Forum Marketing

Forum Marketing is another free method that can be used for your blog. Finding forums in your particular niche space and sharing ideas, blog posts, and answering questions quickly puts you in position to be seen as an authority.

People respond to that by wanting to learn more about you, as well as learn from you. What you want to do is make insightful posts, answer questions, and ask questions.

This shows that you are not a spammer and are genuinely interested in the community and what it has to offer. When this happens you are usually allowed to promote your website in the “signature” area of you posts.

If the site doesn’t allow for you to advertise your site in that area it’s still best to join the forums for knowledge and building relationships with people in your niche space. You never know what new things you can learn.

It all depends on where you want to take yourself and your business.

These two tips will increase your blog traffic and potentially make more money for you.

While time consuming if you don’t have the money these are great resources to build up traffic over time.

Thanks for reading.