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Free Giveaway Method to Build a List Rapidly

People enjoy free stuff.

If you aren’t willing to give people something that will help them to decide if you can help them, then you can hardly expect them to pay for the privilege.

In most cases with online marketing you are going to have to give before you can take.

Free giveaways are essential, but make sure you are providing something of value.

Do not take this for granted.

Your duty is to provide quality information that can help people.

Today I want to discuss four steps needed to create something of value in return for the information you are seeking, i.e. name and email address.

Free Product Giveaway Blueprint

1. Determine What People Want

Your objective should be to figure out what people really want in your niche.

This is vital to your success.

People will not respond to you or your offer if you aren’t solving their problems or fulfilling their needs.

Figure out what they want and they will respond to you with open arms.

2. Name the Giveaway according to What It Does

Be specific in what your giveaway is going to do.

If it’s learning how to master getting more traffic…

Name it: “3 Proven Ways to Get More Traffic for Your Business.”

People want to know exactly what they are getting.

If it’s something that can directly solve a problem they will be more willing to go after the offer.

3. Make It Easy to Understand

Simplicity is the best way to go.

No need to make things complicated for people who may already have complicated lives.

Figure out the best format to put it in for the majority to understand.

Make the information easy for them to consume and apply to solve their problems easily and quickly.

4. Put It In a Form That’s Easy for You

Your time is valuable as well.

You want to be diligent in your business and work quickly.

You should do your best to figure out how to create products fast, but that are also easy for your subscribers to consume.

If you comprise a video series for your list that’s easy for them to consume and process the information, great!

But if it takes you three months to produce a video series like that it’s not beneficial for you.

You need to find a balance that is beneficial for both parties.

The free giveaway method has been used in marketing since early on.

It will forever be a staple in both sides getting what they need.

Learn how to effectively create free products that can solve a need for you prospects and you will see how quickly you can build a responsive list.

Everyone will not be interested in your offer, but if you do your research you will find those who need what you have to give.

Focus on that group and focus on doing your best.

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Best Wishes!