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Not All Habits Are Bad: Make It a Habit

Making good behaviors a habit in your life can be an enormous benefit in changing how you feel about yourself and over time how you view yourself.

When making a conscious effort to change and incorporate positive habits in your life, biologically you give yourself the ability to maintain a healthier and less stressful lifestyle.

Habits become automatic once etched into the subconscious and after you have done the habit for a certain period of time you become unaware that you are even doing it.

Most times we often focus on the negative habits we create, but let’s take a look outside of the box and focus on the positive ones and how we can create more positive habits in our daily functioning.

What Are Some Positive Habits?

This list consists of 5 positive habits I have been working on for a while now.

When I first started they seemed like a difficult task, but as time went on it become a part of my daily regimen whether I feel like doing it or not.

1) Creating a Schedule

Before I made a deliberate effort to create a schedule in my life I was lost.

I didn’t really have much direction or a keen sense of where I was going.

Since I have set down and made a schedule for myself my life seems to have more of a direction and a purpose now.

Structure and routine gives me the ability to be able to accomplish lots of tasks in a fairly decent time frame.

It has helped me tremendously with my work habits and finishing things I set out to complete

2) Eating Healthy and Exercise

I have grouped eating healthy and exercise together because they tend to go hand-in-hand.

At least this applies to me.

I have realized since I have started back lifting and running I make better decisions when it comes to eating healthy.

I have reduced my intake of carbonated beverages, as well as lowered my intake of junk foods.

The results I am seeing from the lifting and running encourages me to eat healthy to continue seeing positive results with the development of my body.

3) Developing Good Reading/Study Habits

I have made it a habit to read daily for at least 30min, as well as watch something positive.

This has reduced my television consumption greatly.

I probably watched up to 20 hours of television per week not too long ago. I am now down to 5 hours or less.

Television doesn’t interest me as much anymore because of the non-value it offers.

Since making an effort to read, watch, and surround myself with positive things my mind always yearns for that feeling/knowledge and it has become easier for me to pick up a book to read.

4) Think Positive

With the reading/study habits becoming a part of my daily routine it has encouraged me to think positively.

Some habits create other good habits without you even knowing.

Not much really gets me down or discouraged anymore.

And when it does…a good read gets me back on track.

I see myself in a much more positive light and no matter what people think or feel about me I understand that it is not my issue, but theirs.

5) Never Give Up

This habit was created because of my ability to always think positive.

When you have a predetermined goal in mind and you know that there is no way you can fail, giving up is not an option.

Just imagine if someone told you that no matter what you did in life you would not fail.

What kinds of things would you set out to accomplish?

What kind of goals would you set for yourself?

I have a never give up attitude since the incorporation of some of my positive habits and I know that everything I go through is just a set up for the come up.

Not all habits are created equal, but I feel that these habits I have discussed can be an asset to your life.

I feel these are good habits to have to become the person you want to be.

The faster you decide to make the effort to change, the faster you create a whole new world and vision for who you can be.

Focus on the positive habits more so than the negative ones and see how rapidly your life begins to change.

Best Wishes!


Life Problems: No Obstacle is Too Great

We all have problems.

Life is full of problems, but it’s how we handle those problems that determine the course of our lives.

Through my studies I have come to realize that the thoughts we think most are who we are, but not who we can be.

Now to some that may not seem like rocket science, but it’s much deeper than what it sounds like on the surface.

I have had many a conversation with friends that don’t believe in the power of thought and feel like the world on the outside determines what goes on in the inside.

They live their lives being reactive instead of proactive.

Responding to situations that happen to them instead of creating the situations they desire for themselves.

I admit to having the same issue, but I now realize that I have the power to change that.

Divine powers have been given to us to create our own realities.

The thoughts that we think all day create the outer world we live in. If you think about nothing all day, nothing changes.

If you do nothing all day, nothing changes.

The problem is when one has this state of mind…

How do you correct it?

When one has been accustomed to thinking or living a certain way it becomes habit.

Often our habits are difficult to change.

Often times we don’t realize our habits are habits because it has become who we “think” we are.

The ability to change by far has to be one of the greatest abilities that have been given to us as human beings.

No other life form on earth has the ability to become anything other than what it is instinctually.

We have been given the power to create, reason, rationalize, adapt, and change.

All this time I have taken all those things for granted.


I really don’t know.

It could be laziness or lack of knowledge.

I once heard that we take our mind for granted because it was given to us for free.

We didn’t have to work for it, and we didn’t have to earn it.

It was given to us so we do not see the importance in the power of the mind.

Some people have been so programmed with fear of failure and criticism that they cannot think big enough to dream big.

The self-doubt and content begins to be our reality because it is safe and comfortable.

I admit I had some problems recently, or so I thought…

But what I have realized is how much your own mind can trick you into thinking things are worse than they really are.

Don’t focus on your problems because that won’t change a thing.

Focus your energy on solutions and I guarantee your problems will soon fade away.