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Money With a Blog

Is Making Money With a Blog Fact or Fiction?

When I speak to people about the subject of blogging it goes so far over their heads it’s not even worth justifying what it is I do as a business.

Some people have an open mind and some don’t.

I think that’s what separates entrepreneurs from those who enjoy the comfort of working a job.

While the internet isn’t new people still don’t believe that people make money with a blog.

And for those that do believe it want it done the easy way.

When I’ve told people I’ve made money online their antenna goes up and they are ready to listen to what I have to say.

It’s pretty amusing.

While the concept of making money with a blog seems easy, the actual work required to make money isn’t in the early stages.

Isn’t that how it goes with most businesses offline?

Often times people can’t make that same correlation and end up quitting or announcing to the world that making money with a blog isn’t possible.

Well I’m here to tell you that it is possible.

You must have the right mindset, an effective plan, and take massive action.

What’s Blogging About?

Well in a nutshell bloggers write about things going on in their niche.

Individuals read it and they make profits from advertising, personal products, or commissions on products that get sold.

For those of us that have been doing it for a while, it’s simple.

For the beginner who’s just getting started, not so much.

It’s important to realize what you’re getting into.

A blog should not be taken lightly.

Lots of people come into blogging as a hobby and treat it as such.

If you have a blog just to have one that’s fine, but if you want to make money with a blog you should treat it as a business.

A few things to consider before dedicating yourself to a blog:

1. Blogging in itself isn’t difficult.

2. If you can write, you can blog.

3. Blogging for profit is harder.

I will not go as far as to say it is hard to draw a secondary income from blogging, but it is definitely harder than most individuals think.

It is not just about creating material and putting up some advertisements from respective companies or affiliates.

It requires good writing, research, product curation, advertisement placement, and building an audience to name some things

There are a lot of skills required to make a blog successful, all of which you will need to learn.

If I can give you any advice you need to know about blogging is…

You need to blog for the long run or not at all.

A lot of blogs don’t make it in the first few months.

Heck most people don’t even make it that far.

At the first sign of failure or roadblock they neglect their blogs and move on the the next shiny thing.

While some bloggers are blessed with blogs that see earnings during the first few months, most people have to remain consistent for at least a year or even longer.

This is why you should pick a niche that you at least enjoy.

Stick with it and learn everything you need to learn to make money with your blog.

General purpose or multi-topic blogs have difficulty developing a readership.

Work on making your blog specialized and you will create results much quicker.

Brainstorm the topics that you care about most, then pick one and blog about it exclusively.

One Blog At a Time

Don’t be in a rush to have multiple blogs.

Start with one and work it until it can sustain itself with little effort.

Once you get the hang of things, then you might consider branching out with additional blogs.

The fact is that many people do not have the drive or stamina to blog for income successfully.

If you’re not sure try it out with your very own blog using the Blogger platform or the WordPress platform.

Feel it out for a few weeks.

If, by the end of this time, you have stuck with it and find you like blogging, go ahead and commit yourself to taking things to the next level by hosting your very own blog.

How I Started My Blog Venture

I started my blog venture with giving it a shot for 30 consecutive days.

I told myself after 30 days I would re-evaluate and go from there.

Since I started blogging I’ve come to enjoy writing posts and sharing my knowledge.

That’s what fuels me to continue with my efforts and to provide the best content I can to my readers.

When it all comes down to it ENJOY YOURSELF.

This is the key to successful blogging.

People will see the passion you have in the work you provide.

If it becomes a chore to you people will also see it as such and will not respond properly.

Let your work express who you are and good things will happen.

Best Wishes!


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Blog Content

Blog Content: How to Come Up With Unlimited Ideas

Blogging is a wonderful thing that can help you get your point across and share your message with the world.

It can be a great way to build a strong community of like-minded people, as well as make some new friends who are interested in your niche.

A good blog will keep people coming back time and time again to see what you have been writing about, so consistent content needs to be posted on your blog weekly.

Starting a blog is straightforward, but maintaining constant blog content can get difficult at times.

Today I wanted to discuss with you some ways that you can come up with ideas for blog content as often as you need to.

5 Sure Ways to Come Up With Blog Content

1. Keep an Idea List

One of the best ways to keep a list of ongoing ideas is to write them down when they come to mind.

Often times we may think of an idea while reading something or just throughout the day and not write it down.

You should write down your ideas immediately so you don’t forget them when you have time to write.

You should also outline some of your thoughts so you can make your post a little easier to do when the time comes.

Don’t let your ideas get away.

Usually ideas come to you when your mind is in a state of flow.

Don’t let those ideas go to waste.

Keep a journal, write on a notecard, or record in your phone.

When the time comes for you to write your blog content you will be prepared.

2. Read Daily

Reading something daily keeps your mind going.

When you exercise your mind with reading, thoughts and ideas tend to flow more easily.

You can read stuff from other people’s blogs in your niche or you can read something that inspires you and gets your creative juices flowing.

Your main objective should be to read things that will improve your expertise on a certain topic to provide interesting and knowledgeable blog content.

3. Answer Questions

Often times other blog readers may ask questions or look for advice.

Use these questions to create blog content and answer their questions in a post.

This works wonders because it shows your readers that you actually read their emails and care about them enough to respond to their questions in a blog post or video.

You can go to other people’s blogs in your niche and check out some of the questions their readers are asking and answer them.

Do your best to provide the answers to the tough questions people are asking.

It will quickly build your credibility and put you in a place of authority and expertise.

Always look to fill a need.

4. Update an Old Blog Post

Go back through your blog and see if there are any old posts you can add to or create an entire new post on one of the points you may have addressed previously.

If something has changed or been updated on an old post you can write a new one discussing the changes.

Maybe you’ve changed your views on something you once wrote and want to discuss why your viewpoints are now different.

It’s perfectly fine to update a new post.

Maybe you can make your posts a series to add some consistency to your blog content.

There are many ways to spin it.

It all boils down to where you want to go with your content.

5. Ask for Ideas from Others

If ideas just aren’t coming to you and nothing seems to be working, just ask.

You can ask other bloggers for ideas, post on social media for ideas, or see if any friends or family have anything to give you.

If you remain consistent you should have enough followers to ask what they’re looking for to provide the right blog content they’re seeking.

Be creative in asking for ideas.

You can turn it into an interactive game and create a buzz to where you get loads of questions and ideas for an unlimited amount of blog content to write about down the road.

Content is the lifeblood of any blog.

Without any blog content people more than likely won’t come back to your blog.

It’s what brings the people in and keeps them coming back for more.

If you’re new to blogging or have been blogging for some time, coming up with new ideas will begin to become a pain and take effort just to think of something worth writing about.

It’s a problem that every writer faces.

I hope these tips can help you continue providing your readers with blog content that keeps them coming back.

Make sure you take it serious and keep a plan of action for success.

Best Wishes!

Make Money

How to Make Money With a Blog

Are you curious to know quick ways to make money online?

The internet is where you can get a lot of prospects of earning money.

One of the most popular and most convenient ways to earn money online is through blogging.

Starting a blog is simple and you can ensure long-term income from blogging if you take the time to learn what it takes to be successful with it.

The topics you write about can vary, but the best things to write about are what you enjoy and what people are looking for.

Making money with a blog is not like any other conventional form of marketing.

You need to apply different techniques and strategies to be successful, but once you figure it out you can sustain a reasonable monthly income.

Wondering how it works?

Let’s see…

  • You write and post articles to your website or other websites on the internet on information people are seeking or things you enjoy. Search engines on the internet find and cache the articles that you write, based on the keywords you use in your posts. As your site gains popularity and credibility, web traffic to your website increases. You can build an email list or make money through selling affiliate products. These are two quick ways to make money with your blog.

Even though blogging is can be used as a tool for quick ways to make money online, do not expect results overnight.

When it comes to writing your posts the most important thing that you need to consider is the subject and the topics you write about.

You can write about almost anything under the sun, but how you write it is important.

You main objective should be to focus on keywords people are searching for on the internet.

To generate more traffic you can also upload videos, articles, and podcasts to your blog.

It is suggested that you choose unique subjects and topics for your blog.

Figure out what people are looking for and solve their problem.

By doing a bit of research you can find out what people are searching for on the web.

Keep your blog narrowed down to a specific niche and figure out your target market.

You can also research other blogs that are similar to yours and see what they are doing.

From the most popular ones to the ones that appear on top of search engines, read a few and figure out what makes them unique.

Go through the topics that are covered and begin writing unique blog posts that interest your target market.

When creating a blog, one of the most important things is to decide on the platform for your blog.

Most first-time bloggers use free blogging platforms like Google Blogger and

You can also create your own blogging platform.

However, these free blogging platforms may provide restrictions on the ways you make money using your blog.

So, if it is for business purposes then you should host your own blog.

Customizing your blog with various elements that are available with services like Google, Blogger, and WordPress will enhance your blog and improve its functionality.

Most of the blog hosting services have paid upgrade facilities, which will allow you to customize your blog further.

Having a unique blog helps to attract targeted readers and assists your blog with gaining popularity.

Once your blog is setup properly,  now comes the need to market it.

You can advertise your blog and its contents on the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can also market your site with the help of paid ads.

These are all potential ways to generate traffic to your website for quick ways to make money online.

Your main objective should be formulating your blog in a way to monetize it using multiple internet marketing strategies.

Earning money with blogging can be rewarding and fun at the same time.

Developing and working a plan is where you should start.

Get started today with your blog.

Best Wishes!