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How to Effectively Visualize to Create the Life You Want

Done correctly visualization is VERY POWERFUL and can get you anything you desire.

It doesn’t cost any money, but it does require that you have an open mind.

Relaxation is important when visualizing…

You must be in a positive state of mind.

Find a quiet place like your bedroom, closet, bathroom, or any getaway spot.

Usually optimal timing is early morning or at night but whatever works best for YOU is fine.

When in your quiet place close your eyes and begin to relax.

Slowly take deep breaths taking yourself deeper and deeper to your place of comfort.

Just relax, don’t make it difficult…

When READY, begin to visualize what it is YOU want.

If it’s a vacation…

Visualize the location. Begin to see the landmarks, the people, the conversations.

Feel the weather, smell the air, and take in all the sounds.

See yourself as if you were actually there and begin to immerse yourself fully into  that environment.

Let your imagination run wild…Don’t hold anything back!

Practice this at least once a day, but preferably two to three times daily anytime you can get 5-15 minutes to yourself.

Do not stop until your goal happens.

Make it a habit!

Always put yourself in a positive state of mind. Believe that you will have it.

Expect that it is already yours for the taking.

Start off with small goals and begin to work your way up to bigger goals as you become more skilled with your visualization.

Motivational speaker Les Brown says, “If you can see it, you can believe it!”

Begin today to start seeing the things you want in your life.

Alter your way of thinking.

Become proactive, instead of reactive.

Focus on bringing nothing but good into your life.

Constantly focus on visualizing how you want your life to be and then create it.

Action is key…

And it all starts with visualization.

Best Wishes!