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5 Article Writing Mistakes That Will Cost You

Article writing can be a great way to express your knowledge and get tons of traffic for your website or blog.

If you are running an online business it’s definitely beneficial to have a blog where people can go to learn more about you and your business.

If your articles are good people will praise you and continue to come back to your website for more information and updates.

If your articles are bad people will leave never to return again.

Today I wanted to discuss some common mistakes you should avoid before submitting a post to your blog.

5 Article Writing Mistakes to Avoid

1. Not Reviewing Your Work Before Submitting

While some common mistakes are acceptable, too many grammatical errors can get in the way of getting your point across.

If your readers cannot understand what you’re trying to say they are going to quickly exit your site and not return.

This hurts your traffic and ultimately your potential to make sales.

Simple mistakes of wrong spelling and punctuation errors can cause your article to be labelled as “low quality” and won’t get approved by article directories.

This creates problems for you in the search engines with getting your articles ranked high enough to generate organic traffic.

Make sure you are reviewing your articles for major errors or getting someone to proof read them for you before clicking the submit button.

2. Being Too Direct With the Sell

People enjoy buying things on or off the internet, but very few people like to be sold.

Too much hard sell, bragging, and self-promotion can hurt you in article writing.

People have come to your website to get their problems solved and that should be your priority.

If what you have to offer solves their problem they will be happy to buy, but people aren’t looking for the hard sell.

Make your article writing count by providing people with solutions and then providing them with a product that can help.

3. Headline and Body Copy Aren’t Congruent

Have you ever clicked an article because of the headline only to find out the body of the content was something totally different?


Yea me too…

I felt cheated!

Your article writing should have a good flow to it.

Things should match up and be easy to follow.

If someone clicks on your article because your headline states that they can learn a new language in 30 days, then your article should reflect that in some way.

It is highly important that whatever is said in your headline reflects what you have in the body.

You have to train your readers to respond to your offers accordingly.

4. Overusing Keywords for SEO

Overusing keywords in your articles will hurt you more than they will help.

One thing that you don’t want to do is spam your article with a particular keyword.

This will hurt you in the search engines, as well as the article directories.

And if your articles aren’t getting ranked or published then that means no traffic.

It’s important to optimize your articles for SEO and using keywords strategically throughout your article writing is the way to go.

Ideally, keywords or key phrases you target should be no more than 2%.

Do your best to use 1-2 keywords per 100 words in your article writing.

5. Having No Call-to-Action at the End of Your Article

Having a call-to-action at the end of your article is the most important thing besides a good headline.

A good headline is designed to get people to click, but if they make it to the end of your article they need to know what to do next or else they just exit your website.

A call-to-action gets people to make an action they normally wouldn’t take otherwise for a desire or goal that you want.

It doesn’t have to be selling something, but if you want them to share ask them to share.

If you want them to check out another article, ask.

This can do wonders for your business and take your article writing to new heights with this simple strategy.

Begin to utilize it at the end of your articles if you want your readers to take another action.

You should avoid these mistakes at all costs.

If you have an online business your objective should be to provide your readers with quality information that can solve their problems.

Simple mistakes are normally looked past, but huge mistakes can cost you.

Make sure you are going over your work or getting someone else to check it over before submitting your articles.

Best Wishes!

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Internet Marketing Mistakes

Mistakes are costly in any business.

Although necessary, if you never learn from those mistakes you can never be successful in business.

Internet marketing is the same as any other business and should be taken seriously.

Because it’s so cheap and simple to get started people tend to take advantage of it and usually don’t end up doing things the right way.

People get into the business and try to cut corners.

Thinking that posting links up everywhere on the internet will get people to buy from them.

This is a big mistake.

Internet marketing does not work that way and requires loads of time and energy to build a foundation that will allow your business to thrive.

If you are new to online marketing and are looking to make sales, one of the best ways to get started is to create a sales funnel.

A sales funnel will allow you to build up a database of warm leads to later convert into buyers by the time they complete the entire sales funnel.

This is by far one of the best and most effective ways to market and grow your business online.

Time and time again people have been told to master the art of creating sales funnels, but continue to do it their own way.

Today I want to go over some ways of how not to market your online business and avoid the mistakes.

Mistakes When Marketing Your Online Business

1) Spamming Links

Posting links all across the internet anywhere they can be posted is not a good way to market your online business.

This is considered spam and people do not take kindly to this.

I’m sure you have seen people posting links to join their program or check out a new site in groups, forums, and websites that often times have nothing to do with what they are promoting.

People just go around posting up links hoping people will buy or join.

These leads are not even targeted and often times people do not click anyway.

More often then not you will just be wasting your time, which is not beneficial to the growth of your business.

2) Using One Traffic Strategy

Relying on one traffic strategy is definitely a mistake.

While mastering one strategy at a time is good, once you have mastered that strategy move on to another source.

Anything can happen with one of your sources and if you have just one, with it goes your entire business.

Avoid putting all your eggs into one basket.

Learn how to use multiple marketing sources like: blogging, video marketing, SEO, PPC, and forum marketing.

Your business will be more stable and sustainable over the long run.

3) Failing to Network

Networking is huge in business.

Taking the time to connect with others in your niche is vital to building your brand and your business.

While things can be learned on your own, it is much easier to have someone to go to for questions and to keep you motivated.

Get out there and find some of the top people in your niche and network with them.

Learn new strategies, implement them, and teach others how to use those strategies in their business to avoid mistakes.

With networking you can get referrals and also learn new things that can be implemented in your business.

This method costs you nothing, but can gain you much more down the road.

Spamming, having only one traffic source, and failing to network are all mistakes that will be costly to your business.

Do your best to avoid these mistakes and learn how to market your business the right way.

Not spamming, having multiple traffic sources, and building relationships with people can grow your business the right way.

Best Wishes!