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Don’t Limit Yourself: Work Your Mind

Often times people get into a rut and begin to put themselves in a box.

Becoming comfortable with the way their life is, but not being happy with their lives in general.

Not knowing how to change their lives, not knowing how to grow, and not knowing how to expand as a human being.

Believing that the world they’ve created around them is the world that they live.

Technically it is, but it doesn’t have to be.

Don’t limit yourself.

Earlier today I was having a discussion with a friend and I mentioned to them about a new book I purchased.

Their reply to me was,”You read books?”

Yes I read books!!!

The comment really hit me hard because I got away from reading daily like I used to.

Not to undermined anyone that doesn’t read, but like most things when you make it a habit it’s tough to do without.

Get yourself into the habit or doing things differently if you are dissatisfied with you life.

Your mind is like a garden and what you put into your mind will grow and your thoughts will shape who you are and who you become.

For myself, reading helps me to shape my thoughts in a way that provides new possibilities in my life.

Honestly, it brightens my day.

Reading for 15-30 min a day can make a massive change in your life.

Reading things that motivate, inspire, challenge, and get you moving in a new direction.

Don’t limit yourself on the things that you can learn.

Don’t limit yourself on the people you associate yourself with.

And more importantly don’t limit yourself on the things that you can do.

Become who you want to be by reading books and surrounding yourself around those who can be an asset to your life.

To be in a frame of mind that reading can’t change your life and reshape your thoughts is putting yourself into a box and is an excuse for you to put limits on yourself.

Being today to see life in a bigger picture and imagine more out of life if you are someone that is feeling stuck.

Reading , working your mind, and taking action can be a valuable resource in getting yourself unstuck.

You have the power to regain control, but it’s going to take some work.

It’s about creating new habits and reshaping your mind.

That’s what separates the winners from the losers.

Don’t limit yourself!

Best Wishes!

What Does Freedom Mean to You?

You can be in a room filled with many different people and ask the question…

What Does Freedom Mean to YOU? – And I bet you will get a plethora of different answers.

Freedom can mean a lot to someone depending on their circumstances, wants, desires, and needs in life.

Freedom doesn’t have to require money, but can be a statement of time.

It can define a feeling for someone that may feel like something in life is holding them back.

There are so many different ways this question can be answered, but have you actually took the time to answer the question for yourself?

In today’s video I ask you that question and look for an answer of what does freedom mean to you?

What Does Freedom Mean to Me?

To me freedom means the idea of feeling and having complete control over my life.

Not allowing people or outside circumstances dictate my mood and behaviors.

Being able to travel the world whenever I want and not having to worry about money or having to clock into a job.

Freedom to me means, not having to wake up to an alarm clock and looking forward to the next day of being able to pursue my passions, dreams, and hobbies.

I want to be able to spend my time learning, growing, and excelling as a human being in all aspects of my life.

Mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

I believe taking the first step of defining the question What Does Freedom Mean- one can find solutions to solving any problems or issues you may be having.

Freedom starts with a frame of mind and some people, including myself, allow outside influences to dictate how you feel on the inside.

Your definition of freedom can literally be anything you want, but the main thing that needs to be addressed is having complete knowledge of yourself.

You can learn a little bit more about yourself by answering the question: What Does Freedom Mean to You?

So I ask for your answer of what freedom means to you and how you can achieve the level of freedom you desire if you feel as if you aren’t there yet.

Thanks in advance.

Best Wishes!


Lead and You Shall Succeed

How often have you had someone talk you into an opportunity and you found that there was no one there to give you guidance?

Who’s in charge here?

Where are the leaders to help you understand what works and what doesn’t work?

If there are leaders, why are they having me do all their testing?

Leadership is a key element to success in any venture, organization, or team.

The challenge is finding a good leader.

However, while good leadership can get you started, you really want leadership who will show you what it takes to become a leader yourself to create other leaders down the road.

What Makes a Leader?

While in college as a track and field sprinter I had the opportunity to lead my teammates every day in practice and competition to push them to be the best athlete they could be.

As a leader I motivated and pushed them through the moments of wanting to give up pushing them to get to where they wanted to be.

We achieved success through goal setting, team work, and maintaining positive attitudes.

During my time as a leader on the field I created All-Americans in my teammates, as well as myself.

This was a very fulfilling experience and will always be dear to my heart.

But on a much deeper level it got me thinking…

What was it that motivated them the way I did?

What makes a good leader?

Now there are many definitions of leadership.

My definition of leadership is the ability to lead a person or group of people to the act of achieving a desired goal.

Much like I did with my teammates years back.

Now I believe it’s not the results a leader can get that makes them good, but the lessons they can teach to those that can eventually put them in the role of a great leader.

Not all people are leaders, but all people can be leaders.

It is all how you perceive yourself and the effort you are willing to put in to change.

Below are some characteristics I feel make a good leader.

Characteristics of a Good Leader


A good leader is self-motivated because they take the time to know their inner self and what gets them going.

You know your strengths and weaknesses knowing what you are capable of doing and thinking outside of the box to achieve your goals.

Always pushing yourself to the limit making a conscious effort to be better than you were yesterday.


A good leader always has a plan and a vision.

Always working towards a goal.

Whether it is something small or something big goal setting is a huge part of their drive to success.

A leader does not only think “I”, but the well-being and success of others.

Ability to Motivate

A good leader knows how to communicate with a number of different people and personalities to motivate them to get the job done.

They do not lead by being bossy but lead by example, encouragement, and excitement.

This person is compassionate and understands the dynamics of getting people to act.

These are a few qualities I feel like a good leader must have to be effective in their field of work.

While my list is what I believe makes a good leader it is not limited to more qualities you may think makes a good leader.

In the overall scope of things without a real leader guiding you along the correct path it is easy to go astray and never achieve the things you want in life because you do not know how or just don’t have the motivation.

To be a good leader one must know how to follow.

Best Wishes!


Chess: Is It a Game of Life?

There have been many comparisons to life and the game of chess.

I often lay in bed at night and think of different chess moves, strategies, and game plans.

During my mental chess game I sometimes get lost with life situations and end up comparing the two.

I’ve been playing Chess for a few years now and I must say I love it.

I try to play daily and usually do.

I often hear people say it’s too complicated or difficult to learn, but in my opinion the basics are easy.

It doesn’t take that long to learn, but mastering it takes a lifetime.

I think life can be compared to chess because it’s about making moves that ultimately will give you an advantage or disadvantage.

Some moves you might make can bring a negative outcome, but you have to adjust and figure out how to regroup.

Some moves you make now may not show you the negative effects of that move until many moves later.

Wins and losses are guaranteed in life, but you have to keep moving forward and constantly rearrange your game plan for the next journey.

It’s about making the best decision possible with what you’ve been given in the situation presented.

Often we have no control over what is thrown our way in life, but we do have control over how we react.

Never regret your decisions and look at every mistake as a lesson to improve. Mistakes are a part of life.

A bad move can’t be reversed just like most poor decisions in life, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. Take a step back, acknowledge your mistake and figure out another stratagem.

In the long run experience is learned and you become a better decision maker.

I can remember when I first learned how to play.

If I remember correctly I did not win a single game until after at least 100 tries.

It was frustrating, but with every loss my mind was expanded and I eventually got better.

I got to see different moves. Was a part of different situations and was able to apply past experiences to things that were going on in the present and act accordingly.

Life works like that as well. We are built to use past experiences to understand situations we go through in life.

That is the reason why going through things make you wiser and at times better.

You open up your mind to something it couldn’t grasp before.

So keep playing and as you lose you will continue to get better. Eventually you will find your game.

Continue to improve on your craft.

Master it, and keep on pressing forward constantly trying new things and teaching others what it takes to become great.

I’m so thankful for the person who taught me.

Not only did I learn a new game I am now passionate about.

It also taught me a little more about life.

If you’d like to learn more about chess you can get strategies and free play at