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Why You Should Be List Building From Day One

If you want to create a lasting business for the long-term then list building should be one of your go-to methods.

It’s one of the surest and proven ways to make money over and over again if done correctly.

When I say list building I mean email marketing.

Building a list of subscribers who are looking for a solution to a problem.

Your goal should be to bridge that gap.

If you take the time to build a genuine relationship with your subscribers then your chances of earning money through your list building efforts increase tremendously.

The first dollar I ever made online was through list building and it will continue to be one of my main methods of earning money online.

Today I want to discuss with you why list building is important, what you’ll need to get started, and why you don’t need a huge list to make money.

Let’s get started…

Why Is List Building Important?

At some point in time with your online ventures, if you haven’t heard it already, you will hear the term “the money is in the list.”

It refers to the fact that perhaps THE single most important thing you can be doing while building your online business is to have an email list of subscribers who are interested in the information your are providing in a chosen niche.

The more subscribers you get, the more of a chance you will have to earn money with your business everyday.

And the best part is you get to make sales over-and-over again as long as you are providing your list with quality information and products.

In business it’s often said that the single biggest cost is acquiring new customers.

It’s not always easy finding people to purchase your products.

It can take lots of time and can even cost lots of money depending on how you’re going about your list building efforts.

If you have a list of people who are willing to buy from you it should be your best interest to keep them on a list for potential future purchases.

It makes little sense to go through the effort of acquiring new customers and letting them walk away never to return again.

By building a list you create the opportunity to communicate on a regular basis.

Over time you build a relationship with your subscribers and as they come to trust you more it becomes easier to sell them higher ticket items.

Most people who opt-in to your list will not purchase on the first time.

You will have to send them multiple offers and information before they even consider buying from you.

With list building you have the opportunity to create that relationship of trust, therefore giving you a better chance of making the sale.

3 List Building Tools You’ll Need

3 List Building Tools

1. Blog/Website- You’re going to need a place to send people to check out your offer, product, or services.

Having a blog or website gives you the medium to send people to begin your pitch to get people to opt-in to your list.

You want to make sure that your website is set up in a way that is easy to capture leads and easy for them to be able to provide you with their information.

You should have a form asking people to enter their email address in return for something of value.

This could include an ebook, software, information, tools, updates, videos, etc.

Anything that will get them to enter their information into your email form.

2. Autoresponder

Click to Get Started Free

You’re going to need a place to house those leads.

This is the purpose of an autoresponder.

It allows you the ability to be able to keep all of your subscribers in one location to send out emails whenever you want.

You don’t have to email people one-by-one.

You can send to everyone on your list or a select group.

Emails can be scheduled at different times and can even be preset to send out on different days.

The entire process can be automated or you can email them daily.

The autoresponder service I use is GetResponse.

It’s one of the best services out and they offer some awesome training if you’re just getting started.

Check it out…You’re first 30 days are FREE!

3. Traffic

Click For Traffic Generation

There’s no point of having the first two tools if you can’t get traffic to your website.

You can do free marketing or paid marketing to generate traffic.

Some free ways to generate traffic include seo, blog commenting, video marketing, forum marketing, and social media.

Paid ways could include solo ads, ppc, banners ads, or ad-networks.

It’s probably best to start off figuring out how to generate traffic through free methods.

Once you have that down, then you can work your way into paying for traffic to get a steady flow.

It all depends on your goals, your time, and your budget.

You Don’t Need a Ton of Subscribers

If you’re looking to make your first dollar online you don’t need a ton of subscribers to do it.

The very first list I had was composed of less than 1,000 subscribers and I went on to make over a couple thousand dollars with that list and I spent nothing.

On one of my very first campaigns with the list I made $1,106 with just one email.

I’ve known other marketers online who have made lots of money with just a list of 50 subscribers.

If you’re making money with only 50 subscribers consistently, then you’re getting a 2% conversion rate for your email marketing campaigns – which is pretty good.

It’s all in the quality of your product and the relationship you build with your list.

It makes no difference if you’re selling your own product or someone else’s, a list is essential if you want to make consistent money online.

If you’re looking to make money online you should get started list building as soon as possible.

The sooner you get started the better your chances of making money.

Focus on getting traffic to your blog or website and work on building a relationship with your subscribers through your autoresponder messages.

You don’t need a huge list to make your first dollar online.

Don’t get discouraged.

Make the necessary adjustments until you get it right.

For more tips and post subscribe to my blog/newsletter.

Also, don’t forget to share on social media.

Best Wishes!

Email Marketing Newsletter

Starting Your Email Marketing Newsletter

Starting an email marketing newsletter is a great way to keep in contact with your subscribers and make sales.

Most newbies online have no idea of how to create sales and end up purchasing products or services they don’t know how to market.

When I first started online I had this very problem and ended up wasting large amounts of money on products I had no idea how to promote.

I would just spam links all across the internet hoping to get sales, but they never came.

An email marketing newsletter allows you the opportunity to build a relationship with your list.

It gives you the ability to present them with relevant resources to solve their problems and hopefully make things easier for them.

Having an email marketing newsletter is one of the best ways to make money online and today I wanted to discuss how you can begin your email marketing newsletter successfully.

Email Marketing Newsletter Tips

1. Pick a Good Autoresponder

An autoresponder is used to send people information who have subscribed to your email marketing newsletter.

Once on your list it’s your duty to provide them with the information they seek to solve any problems they may be having.

A good autoresponder is a necessary tool to have if you want to be able to contact your list with little to no issues.

There are many services to choose from, but some of the best in the business are Getresponse, Aweber, Mail Chimp, and Constant Contact.

Many of them you can join for free the first month or sign up for a low fee your first month to see if the service is for you.

You can play around with a few different autoresponder companies and see which works best for you.

My preferred autoresponder service is Getresponse.

I enjoy the ease of use and the great customer service they provide.

Make sure the company you select has awesome training and can get you moving forward quickly.

2. Email Frequently

Once you’ve picked your autoresponder you want to learn how to setup your newsletter.

You can create a series of autoresponders to send out preset messages or you can send out a newsletter to your list of subscribers.

A lot of people recommend that you send out your email marketing newsletter daily, but I recommend you do whatever you’re comfortable with.

Not all list are built the same and some people don’t like to be contacted daily.

The most important thing is keeping in contact enough with your list to build a relationship with them and not let your list go cold.

It’s much harder to covert cold leads once you’ve went off their radar.

If you’re not okay with emailing daily start off with 3-5 times per week.

3. Monitor Spam Rating

Keep track of your spam rating to make sure they your emails don’t end up in the spam folder.

If you emails aren’t seen there is no way you can build relationships or make sales.

A good autoresponder service will let you know if you email marketing newsletter is considered spam.

You will be given the opportunity to go back and rewrite your newsletter for it to pass the spam test.

Do your best to keep your spam rating under 1 and provide your subscribers with exceptional content.

They’ll appreciate you much more in the long run.

An email marketing newsletter is one of the best ways to grow your business online.

It allows you the luxury to communicate with subscribers at the push of a button.

Use your newsletter to show your subscribers that you care and are dedicated to their success.

If they have questions answer them, if they have problems do your best to solve them.

That is the purpose of having an email marketing newsletter.

Provide massive value and the profits will roll in.

Best Wishes!

Contact List

Email Marketing: Getting More Sales From Your Contact List

When it comes to making money on the internet, building a targeted contact list of customers is key to running a successful business.

Having a contact list will instantly give you the opportunity to communicate with your customers and build a relationship with them over time.

Would you rather make a sale one time or have the opportunity to makes sales over and over again?

I’d take over and over again.

That’s the beauty of having an email list of people who want what you have to give.

But how do you build that relationship with people that’s going to get them to buy?

When I first began online I thought it was just building a list, placing products in front of my subscribers, and VOILA like magic they would buy.

Boy was I wrong!!! It’s not QUITE that simple.

For the life of me I couldn’t figure out what was wrong and was quickly throwing money down the drain paying for traffic and not making any sales.

While I was building my list I wasn’t building a relationship with that list.

People were unsubscribing or no longer opening my emails because they weren’t getting the value they expected.

Today I wanted to discuss how you can get your contact list to buy from you so you can increase your sales and not lose money like I did when I first started online.

3 Ways to Get More Sales From Your Contact List

1. Build a Relationship

The most important thing you can do as a marketer with a list is build a relationship with that list.

Provide them with value by solving their problems and providing solutions.

Do videos to get your message across, send them blog posts on how to improve their business, and provide them with resources that can make things easier for them.

People want you to know that you care about them and are for them.

If you focus on the success of your contact list, naturally you will be successful in due time.

Never focus on yourself, but focus on the needs of your contact list.

You will rapidly see your list growing and your bank account.

2. Never sell…Only Suggest

I can remember the first list I had I went crazy just throwing affiliate products at them.

Never suggesting to them why the products were good and why they should buy.

While I would get a sale here and there, I could never make any consistent sales and quickly people began unsubscribing or not opening my emails.

It was heartbreaking, but taught me to become a better marketer.

People don’t like to be sold.

Figure out creative ways to display to your contact list of why what you’re offering is good for them.

They will be happy to buy from you if they feel like it can make them or their business better.

3. Never Stop Building Your List

The bigger your list the potential you have of making more sales.

You have to understand that your list must be targeted.

Your focus should be on building a list of quality leads that are targeted to your niche.

This way you have a better chance of converting those leads into buyers.

Don’t make the job harder on yourself by just assuming everyone wants what you have to offer.

That’s not the case and it never will be.

Your efforts should be spent on getting in front of the people who are looking for you.

Some of the best free methods to use are forum marketing, article marketing, social media, blogging, and video marketing.

You can also use paid methods like pay per click, banner advertising, and solo ads.

Whatever method works best for you go for it.

Make sure you are keeping things fresh for yourself, as well as your contact list.

Constantly post new updates and things that are going on in your business.

People like to see what’s going on with you and enjoy growing with you.

If you’re looking to run a successful online business then email marketing should be one of your preferred strategies.

Building a contact list of raving subscribers can go a long way for your business.

Create and maintain a positive relationship with them, don’t sell to them, and keep on building your list.

This formula will build you a lasting profitable business.

Best Wishes!


How to Find the Right Niche?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is picking the wrong niche when it comes to building your online business.

Picking the wrong niche will be detrimental to the success of your business and you will find it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to make any money if you haven’t done your research.

If you pick a niche that isn’t hot you are setting yourself up for failure, because although people may be looking for information in that niche they may not necessarily be willing to spend money.

Most people end up choosing the wrong niche because they pick what they are interested in and do not properly research what is actually selling.

You want to not only get into a market full of people who are desperate for help, but a market full of people who are willing to spend.

As stated before, they must need to have a problem and be looking for a way to solve that problem.

Some people may be looking for a way to earn extra income for bills, vacation, financial freedom, or a better means to provide for their family.

Millions upon millions of people are struggling with addiction, losing weight, getting lean, or encouragement.

There is an array of situations or circumstances that people have daily and are constantly looking for solutions online.

To make it simple for you if you are just looking to get your feet wet three huge markets to choose from are health, wealth, and relationships.

These are fairly broad, but can be broken down to more specific things with the right research, which leads me to discussing four keys that make a profitable niche.

Four Keys to a Profitable Niche

1) Are there lots of offers to promote?

If you are looking to make profits in any niche you must be able to have a wide variety of offers or products to promote.

An offer shouldn’t be any old products.

As we discussed before is should be something that is relevant and provides a solution.

Providing offers is how you make your money, therefore it is important to have an array of products to present.

2) Are customers in this niche buying?

 If you want to run a profitable business people will need to be willing to actually spend money on the products you provide.

If customers are not willing to make a purchase then there is no way for you to produce revenue.

They also must be willing to buy what you promote online.

If you are electronics people may get all the information they need from you and go by from the local electronic store.

That’s probably not a good niche for you to be in.

3) Can you market to this and make a profit?

Some niches you might choose may fit in the first two questions but may be so expensive to market that there is no way to make a profit.

This would apply to the super niches that big brands or big time marketers spend mega money on for traffic.

Not only is the competition high, but also the cost to spend on paid advertising.

Your best bet with these would be to narrow down the niche into something more specific or specialized.


4) Do you have an interest in this niche?

Is it something that interests you?

Most people will say passionate, but if it’s something you like and are willing to spend time on you don’t necessarily have to be passionate about it.

The point behind being interested though will make it much easier for you to research, create content, share information, and promote products that can help your subscribers.

Don’t be afraid of a little bit of competition.

Competition should not be looked at as a negative.

If there is competition in the niche you choose that means people are making money and people are spending money.

Try to create your space in that market and dominate it.

Be creative and learn how to be better than the competition or more memorable.

Best Wishes!


Free Giveaway Method to Build a List Rapidly

People enjoy free stuff.

If you aren’t willing to give people something that will help them to decide if you can help them, then you can hardly expect them to pay for the privilege.

In most cases with online marketing you are going to have to give before you can take.

Free giveaways are essential, but make sure you are providing something of value.

Do not take this for granted.

Your duty is to provide quality information that can help people.

Today I want to discuss four steps needed to create something of value in return for the information you are seeking, i.e. name and email address.

Free Product Giveaway Blueprint

1. Determine What People Want

Your objective should be to figure out what people really want in your niche.

This is vital to your success.

People will not respond to you or your offer if you aren’t solving their problems or fulfilling their needs.

Figure out what they want and they will respond to you with open arms.

2. Name the Giveaway according to What It Does

Be specific in what your giveaway is going to do.

If it’s learning how to master getting more traffic…

Name it: “3 Proven Ways to Get More Traffic for Your Business.”

People want to know exactly what they are getting.

If it’s something that can directly solve a problem they will be more willing to go after the offer.

3. Make It Easy to Understand

Simplicity is the best way to go.

No need to make things complicated for people who may already have complicated lives.

Figure out the best format to put it in for the majority to understand.

Make the information easy for them to consume and apply to solve their problems easily and quickly.

4. Put It In a Form That’s Easy for You

Your time is valuable as well.

You want to be diligent in your business and work quickly.

You should do your best to figure out how to create products fast, but that are also easy for your subscribers to consume.

If you comprise a video series for your list that’s easy for them to consume and process the information, great!

But if it takes you three months to produce a video series like that it’s not beneficial for you.

You need to find a balance that is beneficial for both parties.

The free giveaway method has been used in marketing since early on.

It will forever be a staple in both sides getting what they need.

Learn how to effectively create free products that can solve a need for you prospects and you will see how quickly you can build a responsive list.

Everyone will not be interested in your offer, but if you do your research you will find those who need what you have to give.

Focus on that group and focus on doing your best.

For more on list building go here => List Building Made Easy <= .

Best Wishes!


3 “Freebies” to Attract More Subscribers

Subscribers are the bread and butter when it comes to email marketing.

They are the lifeblood of your business and how you communicate with them is important.

But how do you get people to subscribe to your list without feeling like you are hassling them?


Studies have shown that people are more willing to join your subscriber list if you have something to offer them free.

People enjoy value and will be ready to provide you with their personal information if they feel like they are getting something in return for it.

I’m going to share with you some free offers that you can use to promote anything and get subscribers to your email list.

If it’s a blog, squeeze page, forum, social media, or your very own site these methods work.

Free offers have been, and probably forever will be, a sure way to get targeted subscribers to your list.

After that it’s your duty to provide them with massive value and give them the necessary solutions to their problems.

There are many things that can be offered for free, but today the focus will be on a free report, software download, and video series.

Recommended “Freebies” to Offer Subscribers:

1) Free Report

A free report does not have to be too extensive, but should have detailed information for their wants and needs.

Most reports range in between 10-30 pages.

Once your report is done, all you have to do is drive traffic to your website and make sure you have multiple ways to show them your offer.

For example, pop up boxes, header tabs, or widget tabs with your offer for a free download.

Images also work well to help increase subscribers downloading your report.

The importance of your report is to help build your credibility and put you in position as an authority figure.

Make sure the information is precise and to the point.

2) Software Download

Not all people are interested in reading a free report.

A software download could include an MP3 for listening to a report or it could include software to improve their business.

Also, if you are providing them with an MP3 download it gives them the opportunity to listen on the go.

Images are also good here because they give the feel of  a complete product that they are getting for free.

The objective is to get the subscriber to opt-in to your list so making them feel like they are getting something for nothing is important.

3) Video Series

One of the most effective methods to get new subscribers is providing them with an informative video series.

Videos can be broken down into a 3-5 part series giving the subscriber a little bit of information in each one that leads up to the next.

This is a great way to build up a relationship, show them who your are, and stretch out the information over a reasonable period of time with sending a video daily or every other day.

Once you figure out which method works best for you, you could incorporate all three into your autoresponder sequence leading up to your offer.

These three methods can can be offered on your blog, capture pages, forums, or website to get more subscribers.

Anywhere that people are looking for what you have to offer.

Your duty is to make sure that it is beneficial to them and can improve their problems.

If you can fix their problem you will be able to help someone out and potentially gain a customer for life.


How to be Successful Online

Success with an internet business is something that many people dream of, but never have the opportunity to see it come to life.


Because they never take the time to truly learn what the “business” requires.

Internet Marketing is a true thriving business that you have to put time and effort in like any brick and mortar business.

Many beginners think that setting up an online business is easy.

Well it is, but it requires loads of work and time.

And as Jim Rohn says, “For everything that’s easy to do its easy not to do.”

For instance…

Let’s say the average person wants to start an online business.

First thing they would do is purchase a domain name and hosting, a website. Check!

Then purchase an Autoresponder. Check!

And then find some products to promote whatever niche they were in. Check!

You’re in business, right?

Not so fast.

You need traffic.

And you need to know how to communicate with that traffic.

Traffic, well how do I get traffic?

Well traffic isn’t that easy because all traffic isn’t good traffic.

You need targeted traffic that is hungry to acquire the information you are providing and ready to purchase when your product meets their need.

Setting up the business is half the battle.

Marketing is the other half.

If you expect to be successful online you must be successful in your marketing.

To begin building a list of targeted traffic you must have the knowledge of how to get targeted traffic to your site/landing page, have great content, and have to knowledge to convert that traffic.

It is that simple, but it is an art that requires practice.

If you practice daily you will become better.

Practice makes progress!

The problem is most people expect quick results and end up quitting before the ball gets rolling.

Persistence is key.

It’s easy to get discouraged when things aren’t going how you’d like, but keep on pressing forward and learning.

Find a mentor, join blogs, forums, mastermind groups, read books that will inspire you, and never stop learning.

Eventually good things will begin to happen.

Just be smart about it and always focus on the long term.

Good things are sure to come if you follow a blueprint.

When I began in Internet Marketing I was constantly researching things, but never taking action.

If you don’t take action you will never get results.

You will never be able to learn what you are doing right or what you are doing wrong.

What you do wrong is positive information.

It lets you know what you need not to do, its trial and error.

Things really began to change for me when I found a mentor that helped me put the pieces together.

I thought everything had to be perfect, but I’m here to tell you that it does not.

You just have to begin and make the necessary changes as you go.

Each step becomes a lot clearer and the road begins to become less clustered.

Take action and don’t give up!


Autoresponder: List Building Benefits

What is an Autoresponder?

An autoresponder, also known as an email responder, is a vital tool to have for your internet business.

An autoresponder allows you to communicate with your customer base regularly and effectively.

This is important when you are building a business.

Autoresponders allow you to send information to a large group in a structured and efficient fashion.

Automation is vital in the internet marketing business and those that can automate their services are allowed more time to perform other tasks.

How Can Autoresponders Help You?

Once set-up an autoresponder funnels your leads into a database after an opt-in form has been filled out.

The opt-in form is used to gather information from the lead: i.e. name, email address, and sometimes a contact number.

Usually the less information asked the more willing someone is to fill out the form.

Once filling out the form their information is automatically sent to the autoresponder for storage in the database.

When that lead/leads are stored into the autoresponder database they can now receive emails from you pertaining to your services or information you have to offer.

This can now be used to build a strong relationship with your customer base and keep them informed on products or services they are interested in, to buy from you, or seek answers.

This is a great tool for building positive interactions with potential customers.

Information sent from you is automatic and can be delivered on a schedule once programmed into the system.

You also have a record of the emails sent out and received.

This information can be used to build a better marketing strategy for your business or service.

People can be reached instantly and effectively.

If you are building a business online an autoresponder is a must have to save you a lot of time and effort.

There are a lot of good autoresponder services out so do your research on the best one for the needs of your business.