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Lead and You Shall Succeed

How often have you had someone talk you into an opportunity and you found that there was no one there to give you guidance?

Who’s in charge here?

Where are the leaders to help you understand what works and what doesn’t work?

If there are leaders, why are they having me do all their testing?

Leadership is a key element to success in any venture, organization, or team.

The challenge is finding a good leader.

However, while good leadership can get you started, you really want leadership who will show you what it takes to become a leader yourself to create other leaders down the road.

What Makes a Leader?

While in college as a track and field sprinter I had the opportunity to lead my teammates every day in practice and competition to push them to be the best athlete they could be.

As a leader I motivated and pushed them through the moments of wanting to give up pushing them to get to where they wanted to be.

We achieved success through goal setting, team work, and maintaining positive attitudes.

During my time as a leader on the field I created All-Americans in my teammates, as well as myself.

This was a very fulfilling experience and will always be dear to my heart.

But on a much deeper level it got me thinking…

What was it that motivated them the way I did?

What makes a good leader?

Now there are many definitions of leadership.

My definition of leadership is the ability to lead a person or group of people to the act of achieving a desired goal.

Much like I did with my teammates years back.

Now I believe it’s not the results a leader can get that makes them good, but the lessons they can teach to those that can eventually put them in the role of a great leader.

Not all people are leaders, but all people can be leaders.

It is all how you perceive yourself and the effort you are willing to put in to change.

Below are some characteristics I feel make a good leader.

Characteristics of a Good Leader


A good leader is self-motivated because they take the time to know their inner self and what gets them going.

You know your strengths and weaknesses knowing what you are capable of doing and thinking outside of the box to achieve your goals.

Always pushing yourself to the limit making a conscious effort to be better than you were yesterday.


A good leader always has a plan and a vision.

Always working towards a goal.

Whether it is something small or something big goal setting is a huge part of their drive to success.

A leader does not only think “I”, but the well-being and success of others.

Ability to Motivate

A good leader knows how to communicate with a number of different people and personalities to motivate them to get the job done.

They do not lead by being bossy but lead by example, encouragement, and excitement.

This person is compassionate and understands the dynamics of getting people to act.

These are a few qualities I feel like a good leader must have to be effective in their field of work.

While my list is what I believe makes a good leader it is not limited to more qualities you may think makes a good leader.

In the overall scope of things without a real leader guiding you along the correct path it is easy to go astray and never achieve the things you want in life because you do not know how or just don’t have the motivation.

To be a good leader one must know how to follow.

Best Wishes!