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Lots of Online Business Ideas?

Everything you are surrounded by started out as an idea.

I know when I began online it was an idea of how to make money utilizing the internet.

It was a crazy idea to my friends and family, but one that was on my mind daily.

The great thing about having an idea you are passionate about is once it hits you it’s hard to get it off your mind.

Without ideas progress can’t be made and if progress can’t be made then it will be tough for you to turn your idea into a reality.

Action is the most important fuel for the fruition of an idea, but having a plan is a good place to start.

If you are the type that gets lots of ideas flowing, but don’t know how to act on those ideas today’s post is for you.

Here are a few things I find helpful when it comes to ideas.

Write Down Your Ideas

I recommend going out and getting a notebook, as well as flashcards.

There is nothing better than being able to physically put that idea on paper for review whenever you want.

When those ideas and thoughts get flowing grab a pen and just write.

Don’t over think it, but just go with the flow and let it all spill out on the paper.

Separate the ideas you feel are best and elaborate on why you think they are and how you can turn those ideas into something tangible.

Always remember that no idea is a bad idea.

If it’s something that is on your mind write it down, it’s there for a reason.

The most important thing is getting it out of your head so that you can review it later.

The ideas you feel like you can work with best should be transferred over to a flashcard so that you can carry it with you throughout the day.

This keeps the idea fresh on your mind and allows your mind the ability to be able to analyze and create solutions for that idea.

Write Out All Solutions

If you get to the point where you have solutions for you ideas begin to write down everyone in as much detail as possible.

No matter how wild it may sound to you write it down.

You can always go back and change something or improve later.

Write out each step you feel it would take for you to make your idea real.

Review Ideas Daily

When you have your ideas on paper and possible solutions for turning them into reality review them daily.

Focus on the ideas you think are best and narrow it down to the one you feel you can work off.

Once you have that one idea you feel like is it take action and move forward with that idea.

Keep that one idea in front of your eyes and on your mind as often as possible.

Transfer it to your flashcard and review it when you wake and before bed most importantly, but any other time as well if you can throughout the middle of the day.

Focus on it, ask question to yourself, and ask questions to others.

Don’t let anyone deter your from that idea and research everything you can about it.

Create goals for yourself and focus on achieving those goals daily.

You will soon realize that the small steps you take to turn your idea into a reality will soon start creating something you never knew was possible before.

Best Wishes!

2 Reasons to Host Your Own Blog

There are millions of people who have wonderful blogs online today.

They provide valuable content, wonderful graphics, and awesome pictures.

All great things when it comes to blogging.

But the one thing that’s not in their favor is it’s being done using a free blogging platform.

This is good if you are blogging as a hobby or a way to express yourself.

But not so good if you are blogging from a business perspective.

All of your hard work and effort can easily be wiped away in the click of a button, with no questions asked if you aren’t using your own hosting and domain name because you do not own your blog.

Why not build something that you have full control over from the very start.

Why You Should Host Your Own Blog:

1) Branding

If you are blogging for business or to build a name for yourself online branding is a key element in separating yourself from the crowd.

Free blogging platforms make it much harder for you to stand out from the crowd because no matter how hard you work or promote yourself you still are promoting their brand.

Here’s what I mean:

If you are using a blogging site like to do your blog you will have to create your own name on the site for your blog.

Let’s say you use John Smith.

Your blog name would be

Isn’t that a long domain name to explain to your friends, family, or readers.

Wouldn’t be much easier to explain and much easier for them to remember?

No matter how much effort you put into the blog the harsh reality in the end is it isn’t really yours.

By owning your own blog you allow yourself the ability to brand yourself or your site with no conflict.

2) You Have Complete Control

If you are going to have a business online, especially blogging, why not have complete control over it.

You can make the blog any way you want with no restrictions or backlash.

What you post, the pictures you use, the look of your site, and the functionality all depend on you and your efforts.

While owning your own blog may take a bit more effort than using a free platform a piece of mind of having complete control of all aspects of your blog should make it worth while.

If your blog gets shut down on a free blogging platform you could always move to another of course, but that comes with risk of losing your readership and all of your work.

Having complete control of your blog from the beginning allows you to maintain your readership and your work for as long as you own your domain name and pay your hosting fees.

Don’t let hosting your own blog discourage you.

It’s inexpensive to get your own hosting and domain name.

Both combined can cost anywhere from 10-15 dollars a month.

Using WordPress as a platform for your blog you can easily learn how to set it up in less than a day.

It allows you to bypass all the technical stuff like html coding and allows you to easily add features, pictures, and posts quickly.

Again if you are looking to start up a blog for business, I recommend starting it the right way by getting your own hosting and domain from the beginning.

Using these tips will get you started off right.

Best Wishes!


Network Marketing: Building Your Business

In network marketing building a business takes work.

There is no magic pill when it comes to building a successful business other than hard work and dedication.

As a business owner you must provide the nourishment and love to your business in order to see it grow.

It’s about building relationships with people, fulfilling a need, and providing excellent leadership qualities.

Business is an ever changing entity, so as a business owner you must display flexibility and adaptability.

You must learn how to strive in a recession, keep up with trends and technology, stay relevant in the market place, and keep costs low.

How Can You Build a Lasting Business?

While there is no guarantee that your business will flourish here are some tips that are needed for a business that will last:

1) Build a Strong Foundation

Just like a house a business needs to be built with a strong foundation.

Set out clear and definite goals to work off.

Always display integrity, dedication, teamwork, and good communication.

Make sure that those you work with understand your vision and are willing to help you build your dream by building theirs.

2) Expect the Unexpected

When getting into business, even when having a business plan, there is no clear cut way to build a business.

Anything that can happen will happen.

Just be prepared to tackle all obstacles and face all challenges.

You must always keep a clear mind and understand the outcome is inevitable as long as you don’t give up.

Many things can be learned along the journey and failures are just stepping stones to the top.

3) Have a Clear Sense of Your Market

Knowing your market is vital is building a business that is strong and lasting.

Always be aware of market trends and make sure your marketing strategies are relevant to a targeted group.

Do effective research to stay on top of the customer’s need and focus on creating a solution for their problem.

4) Monitor Costs

Cash is king of any business.

You are in business to make a profit.

Always keep up with what is coming in and what is going out.

Learn how to budget wisely and only spend on things that will benefit your business.

Track all costs.

5) Be A Teacher

Build relationships with those you work with and always provide them with value to build their businesses effectively.

Any new strategy or technique that works for you share it with your group.

Learn how to teach strategies and encourage those you work with. Ultimately their success is your success.

6) Learn from Others

Never stop seeking new ideas, techniques, or strategies from others. Ask questions and seek answers. Business is an ever learning entity and if you aren’t learning you aren’t growing. Stay on top of reading, networking, listening, and sharing.

7) Balance Your Life

Building a business can take up a lot of your time.

Make sure you have some balance in your life so you don’t get burnt out.

If you are in a relationship, have family, or friends learn how to find time for them or express to them the importance of building your business.

Nobody likes to be neglected so keeping communication with the one’s you love and making an effort to spend time with them is priceless.

Do not burn yourself out…breaks are a good thing to keep you energized and fresh.

8) Celebrate Your Successes

Come up with ways to celebrate your small successes along the way.

Maybe a treat for your first sale, a vacation after your 50thsale, a gift after your 100th sale.

It doesn’t matter the celebration just as long as you take the time to acknowledge your successes.

This keeps you focused on the end result of building a business that will eventually last and provide you with the lifestyle you desire.

You create a business or join a business opportunity for a reason.

Maybe it’s for your family, a better life, or just for the heck of it.

For whatever reason there is something that you feel like you a missing and you understand a business can provide a way for you.

Do not take it lightly.

Learn what you need to learn to build a strong lasting business.

Never stop seeking a path of personal development because a better you is vital in building a better network marketing business.

Best wishes!


Internet Marketing: 3 Tips for a Newbie

Getting started online is a difficult task as a newbie with so much information to process.

There are many marketers online presenting you with many different products promising instant success.

As a newbie how do you sift through all of the information and who do you trust?

When I started out online it was hard having little to no money and not wanting to waste money on products that just weren’t going to work.

Needless to say I wasted thousands on information products that just didn’t provide what I needed to attain the success online I was seeking.

Not to say they were scams, but they just weren’t for me.

As a newbie I needed someone to take me by the hand and guide me through the process.

Today I am writing this post with the newbie in mind.

If you have been struggling to make money online the most important thing you need to have is the right mindset.

Once your mindset is in the right place everything else will fall in place when the time is right.

So let’s get started.

3 Mindset Tips for an Internet Marketing Newbie

1) Grow Yourself

It’s important that you take the time to expand your mind and grow yourself daily in this business.

This requires reading daily and studying just as hard.

Figure out your strengths and weaknesses.

Play on your strengths and improve on your weaknesses.

Many people will emphasize the fact that having a list is important, but as a newbie if you don’t know how to communicate with your list then having one is going to do you no good.

Learn how to become the person you need to resonate with your list and turn them into raving customers always looking to you as a leader, expert, or authority figure in your niche.

Focus on becoming the best you that you can be in your niche.

2) Don’t Blame Others

When things don’t see to go most people’s way the first thing to do is blame someone else for their failure.

Don’t be that person.

You’re success or failure all depends on you.

The only person that’s going to be responsible of whether you succeed or fail in this business is you.

Never give up and constantly strive on being better and doing better daily.

A mentor can only guide you and provide you with the right formula for success, but cannot guarantee it.

It all comes down to the time, work, and effort you’re willing to put in until you’re successful.

Will you quit when things aren’t going your way or will you keep pushing through until you reach the level of success you’re looking to achieve.

This all comes down to you, but if you don’t get there immediately don’t blame anyone but yourself.

Take personal responsibility and keep moving forward.

3) Eat, Sleep, and Live Marketing

There are so many ways to make money online.

Take eat marketing technique one step at a time.

Master one and move on to the next, but make sure you are marketing daily.

Work your business.

Learn how to communicate with people and put value into the psychology of what gets people to take action.

Your main objective in this business should be to provide people with value and providing solutions for their wants and needs.

So focus on developing your skills in internet marketing and communication.

Push yourself daily and never take for granted growing as an individual mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Focus is very important.

Pick one thing to focus on and master it.

Once you feel comfortable enough in that space move on to something else.

Don’t waste your time jumping from one thing to another.

The only way to become successful online is one step at a time over time.

Eliminate the get rich quick mentality.

Focus on making a living first and then go from there.

Best Wishes!


Autoresponder: List Building Benefits

What is an Autoresponder?

An autoresponder, also known as an email responder, is a vital tool to have for your internet business.

An autoresponder allows you to communicate with your customer base regularly and effectively.

This is important when you are building a business.

Autoresponders allow you to send information to a large group in a structured and efficient fashion.

Automation is vital in the internet marketing business and those that can automate their services are allowed more time to perform other tasks.

How Can Autoresponders Help You?

Once set-up an autoresponder funnels your leads into a database after an opt-in form has been filled out.

The opt-in form is used to gather information from the lead: i.e. name, email address, and sometimes a contact number.

Usually the less information asked the more willing someone is to fill out the form.

Once filling out the form their information is automatically sent to the autoresponder for storage in the database.

When that lead/leads are stored into the autoresponder database they can now receive emails from you pertaining to your services or information you have to offer.

This can now be used to build a strong relationship with your customer base and keep them informed on products or services they are interested in, to buy from you, or seek answers.

This is a great tool for building positive interactions with potential customers.

Information sent from you is automatic and can be delivered on a schedule once programmed into the system.

You also have a record of the emails sent out and received.

This information can be used to build a better marketing strategy for your business or service.

People can be reached instantly and effectively.

If you are building a business online an autoresponder is a must have to save you a lot of time and effort.

There are a lot of good autoresponder services out so do your research on the best one for the needs of your business.


3 Ways to Generate Traffic via Youtube

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. If you want to make money online once you have your business setup the only way to make money is by generating traffic.

Now there are loads of different ways to get traffic to your website or offer, but for the sake of this article the focus will be on Youtube.

If you are not camera shy or afraid of doing videos Youtube is a great way to get people in front of what you want them to see.

It’s the second most visited search engine in the world behind Google. Meaning…people are watching and looking for information by the flocks.

When I first started doing Youtube videos I was nervous and figured my videos were not that great.

And to this day I think that, but I’ve made countless friends from my Youtube videos and even sales.

And it was all free!!!

Uploading videos to Youtube is an easy way to show people who you really are instead of just allowing them to read your blog posts or see your offer.

You give them a reason to like or dislike you, but more importantly to see who you truly are in the flesh, which helps in building that relationship with them.

One of the main issues I had when coming up with Youtube content was ideas on what videos to create.

Hopefully, this post will help you get over that hump and get you started with great Youtube content as soon as today.

The idea behind these videos are to show your expertise or knowledge on a particular topic.

Let’s get started on the first video you can create:

1) Talking on a Particular Topic

This is the easiest and most basic of the three, but very effective in getting your point across. You have probably comes across videos like these online. All it takes is a camera, a topic, and the ability to upload the video to Youtube. The only time required is how long it takes to do the video and however much time is takes to upload it. You usually want these videos to be in between 2-5 minutes so people don’t lose interest. Be precise and to the point with your thoughts or ideas on your topic or niche.

2) Doing “How-to” Videos

“How-to” videos do very well on Youtube because people enjoy being able to actually learn how to do something. As stated earlier it’s the second largest search engine around and people are usually looking to figure out solutions to a problem they are having. If you are comfortable with doing how to videos you can easily generate traffic using this method. You can demonstrate these videos yourself or you can do a presentation using pictures. People enjoy looking for ways to do things on their own and you can be that gap for them using this method. Software like screencast o matic (, camstudio (, or camtasia ( can be used to create these videos. You may need to learn how to edit, but practice makes progress.

3) Interviewing an Expert

Lastly, you can interview an expert. This method is awesome because you don’t necessarily have to know much about the topic, but just knowing the right questions to ask the expert. This in turn increases your credibility with your viewers. It also shows that you associate yourself with like-minded people and have the ability to get top notch interviews.

Other benefits include getting traffic from the interviewers fans. Most people you are interviewing will probably let their viewers know that you will be interviewing them and will probably invite them to listen to the interview. This helps boost you up a bit because they feel like you are an expert as well. You get high-quality content without really having to put in much work. And the traffic you get will be highly targeted traffic, which is generally what you want.

Begin today to put any of these three methods to use. Work on trying all three and become an expert in your niche or field of work and see how quickly you can boost your traffic all for free.

3 Ways Content Marketing Can Make You Money

Many people get stuck on how to actually make money online with blogging. They know how to set up a blog site and know that posting content is important, but lack the necessary tools to actually monetize their site.

They provide loads of helpful information to people looking for answers, but don’t know how to get them to buy.

When does the money start rolling in?

This is a very important question because you want to start making money as quickly as possible. I think it would be great to set up a blog and get some form of compensation rolling in.

There are various ways to make money online, but for the sake of this article I’m going to discuss three of the ways you can make money online with a blog.

If your goal is to make money with blogging you can make a TON of money over time if you set it up properly.

These three methods can arguably be considered the most effective and fastest ways to earn money with your blog.

List Building

If you’ve been a part of internet marketing you should know what a squeeze page or lead capture page is. You can use this page to offer a report, book, videos, or content in order to get people to opt-in to your list.

Once they’ve entered their email information they become a part of your mailing list and you now have the ability to communicate with them instantly with a click of a button.

You are able to now improve your relationship with them by providing them with more valuable information and can hopefully sell them something when the time is right.

Squeeze pages are awesome as a marketing tool and a valuable to quick success.

But a blog with loads of content where visitors can come to read and interact without having to subscribe first is far more valuable.

You hopefully help to solve a problem first which builds your credibility and trust with the reader. This in turn helps you to get them to join your list much easier and probably increase your chance of getting them to buy from you in the future.

The goal should be to give, give, give before expecting anything in return. Make their visit pleasant and worth their time.

Provide an opt-in form in plain sight for them and your loyal fans will subscribe and be waiting to buy from you when you have something valuable to offer.

Content marketing is a great way to build a list, and building a list is one of the best ways to make money online.

Once you have a list and a relationship with your list making money shouldn’t be difficult. It’s about building that foundation first. And once you have a list it’s yours. You have complete control.

Ads/Affiliate Products

The second way to make money with content is displaying ads on your website. This is probably the quickest way to make money online.

You find someone else’s product, put it in front of someone who needs it, and when they buy you get a commission off the sale if it’s not your own product.

If you have a blog and you load it up with articles, tutorials, reviews, and videos on a particular topic you can link those to other trusted resources of people who actually have products to offer.

You’ve done the work for the reader by providing them with all the information they need to make an educated purchase and you reap the reward in the end.

Your content is what initially got them to your blog. And if set up correctly they will notice you have ads running for your particular niche.

They become interested in the ads because everything matches up. When they click the ad and make a purchase you get paid.

I think it’s safe to say most of us have purchased something online before and didn’t even know how we got there. You may have been looking up information, found a blog site, and ended up at a checkout an hour later.

This is the power behind effective content marketing.

One mistake people make when setting up their blog is not having the ads running on their blog match up with the content provided. Make sure these two coincide.

People are there for a certain topic or product so if you’re going to sell something make sure it’s relevant to what they’re looking for.

Joint Ventures

A third way to make money with content marketing is starting a joint venture partnership with someone in your niche space by leveraging your email list.

This is a free way to further build your list.

It’s really easy and it’s a great way to get quick sales and new customers.

Both you and your JV partner benefit through increasing profits as well as gaining new customers. Money can be exchange between the two of you or you can do a swap.

Make sure you do your research on the person you are doing a JV with. Don’t just JV with everyone who approaches you. Not all lists are built the same.

Check out whatever product or service they are offering and make sure it’s something that will be beneficial to your list.

If it’s not a product or person you believe in then go with your gut and don’t partner with that person. Do you best to maintain your credibility with your list because the can potentially be the bread and butter of your operation.

No need to work hard building that list just to throw it down the drain from not doing your due diligence with researching the best product/service for them.

I know people who have made 6 and even 7 figures using this method. It’s definitely powerful if done correctly.

I’ve touched on three ways to make money online with content marketing. These are the only ways to make money online and there are many other great ways to make money.

It’s best to figure out what works best for you and your business.

I think list building is the most important thing you can do because once the list is built it’s yours forever. As I stated you have full control over your list.

As with ads and joint ventures these methods can be very profitable as well, but the control usually isn’t in your hands. They are definitely great ways to supplement your main money maker which should be your list.

When you get to a point where you are creating your own products if that’s a way you’d like to go it opens up a whole different lane for you list. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to discuss that further later on.

But for now I hope you found this article helpful.

Landing Pages vs. Squeeze Pages

Many people in online marketing and newbies still confuse the purpose of squeeze pages vs. a landing pages. Some consider them the same, but they should be used to perform different roles.

Now they are both used to attract customers, but that is the ending point of the similarities. At a much deeper level one is used to build a list and the other is used to pre-sell a product or service.

Both are important for an Internet Marketer and both should be used in building a business.

Landing Page

Landing pages are normally used by affiliate marketers to pre-sell a visitor interested in a product they are looking to sell immediately on the next page.

They are designed to be more emotionally based to get the customer fully engaged in the content and to buy on instinct. It is designed to be used as a sales pitch for the visitor.

Landing pages should be designed to give the visitors exactly what they are looking for so be careful not the have too many distractions, just make sure it is designed to give them each step into purchasing your product.

If you can control a specific buyer then landing pages are good because the buyer is looking for what you have to offer and are usually ready to buy or sign-up. You are just the middle man for them to give them what they are seeking.

Squeeze Page

Squeeze pages are used specifically to build a mailing through an opt-in form. These forms generally collect a customer’s name and email address.

Most of the time traffic is sent to these forms through various traffic sources like advertising, pay-pay click, and ezine marketing.

Generally squeeze pages work better with conversion rates compared to landing pages because they give you the opportunity to build relationships with the customer if you are sending them valuable information they are seeking about a product or service.

Marketers often times give incentives for the customer to provide them with their information, such a ebooks, videos, audio’s, or free trials. Always offered for free it gives the marketer a bit more credibility with the potential buyer.

You should now have a better understanding of how a landing page differs from a squeeze page as the role they play for internet marketers.Attracting customers are the lifeblood of an internet marketer so both are a vital tool the building a strong business.

All in all squeeze pages should be used to build a list whereas landing pages should be used as an introduction to a product that has yet to be shown to the site visitor.

With tracking and tweaking of your squeeze page or landing page you should be able to design it to a point where your conversions continue to get better and better each time a customer visits.