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3 Ways to Inspire Motivation in YOU

I decided to take a break yesterday from blogging because that was my way to celebrate my 100th blog post.

I believe when it comes to business you have to find a balance that supports both your personal and business goals.

I enjoyed the day hanging out at Barnes and Noble reading and playing Chess on my computer.

It’s one of my favorite places to go when I just want to get away.

It was quite pleasing being able to plan out the rest of my week and getting things together for this move next week.

Although my life has been a roller coaster ride lately I’m moving into a new place.

It’s a lot more spacious and I think it will allow me the ability to be more creative.

While not my dream location I hope to continue growing my blog and pursuing my online business to take me where I want to go with attaining the things I desire out of life.

I still have debt (Student Loans/Credit Card) and want to have that taken care of in the next few years.

So my goal is to grind it out until then.

While going through all these thoughts yesterday it really made me think of motivation and what motivates the successful to do what they do to achieve their dreams.

My thoughts…

Does Motivation Lead to Success?

While I don’t think being motivated is an indicator of success, I do believe without motivation one can’t be very successful.

We all go through periods where we don’t do the things we know we should be doing to make our lives better.

But that’s what separates those who get stuff done from those who don’t.

There’s some force, power, or thing that gets them going even when they don’t want to.

Motivation plays an important role in the daily living of a person who wants more out of life and more out of themselves.

Many people in this world have successfully achieved their most important goals in life because of the motivation they displayed while going for their wildest dreams and deepest desires.

By applying motivation to tasks in your life you can move mountains and achieve many things you never thought possible.

3 Ways to Inspire Motivation

1. Set Goals For Yourself

Motivation can be inspired by setting a goal or goals for yourself.

I had this blog on my mind for a long time before actually starting it and being serious about it.

I decided to set the goal and give myself three months of constant blogging to see where I could take it.

Never could I have thought I’d actually make it this far, but I wrote it down and did what I had to do each day.

Motivation has a very strong connection to the concentration of an individual who aims for a very special thing.

Such claim is very applicable in the process of attaining a very important goal in life or a very significant opportunity which can lead a person to success.

I concentrated on it and have had some successes I would have never thought possible a few months back when I had very readers.

Through goal setting and consistent effort I get regular visitors and new visitors daily from all across the world.

It all started with one goal.

Not only has my motivation to blog become a habit, it’s become a necessity.

2. Be Excited About What You’re Doing

Being excited about what you’re doing increases motivation by a lot.

How many times how you been exciting about something only to not do it?

Not very often if at all right?

If you do a thing that enjoy you don’t really need to have motivation to do it.

That’s the importance of being passionate about something.

You do it because you love it.

If you can figure out a way to monetize even better for you, but whether you make money doing it or not it’s still a part of who you are.

Be excited about life and put yourself in a position to where the things you are doing don’t feel like a job or tasks, but a natural progression into what you enjoy.

3. Build A Support Circle Around You

Motivation comes a lot easier when you are surrounded by people who support you.

If you currently don’t have a support circle to keep you motivated with your endeavors figure out how to get around one.

You don’t always have to have a support system in place already.

Go out there and get one.

There are many people out in the world that have similar interests to you.

Find where they are and support them.

You must give before you can get.

It’s amazing the response I’ve got from reaching out to other bloggers on the net by supporting them.

The amount of love and support I’ve got is amazing and keeps me going when growing my online business.

Motivation is a state of mind that should become a part of your daily routine.

It can open up your mind to the possibilities life has to offer if you go for your dreams.

There have been many people who’ve successfully achieved their dreams with the help of motivation.

Changing the frame of mind and taking consistent action daily.

Once you learn how to harness this power you can overcome many challenges in life.

Motivation has the ability to boost your confidence and self-esteem in ways you never thought possible.

Begin to make your change today and find something that can motivate you.

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Best Wishes!

Don’t Limit Yourself: Work Your Mind

Often times people get into a rut and begin to put themselves in a box.

Becoming comfortable with the way their life is, but not being happy with their lives in general.

Not knowing how to change their lives, not knowing how to grow, and not knowing how to expand as a human being.

Believing that the world they’ve created around them is the world that they live.

Technically it is, but it doesn’t have to be.

Don’t limit yourself.

Earlier today I was having a discussion with a friend and I mentioned to them about a new book I purchased.

Their reply to me was,”You read books?”

Yes I read books!!!

The comment really hit me hard because I got away from reading daily like I used to.

Not to undermined anyone that doesn’t read, but like most things when you make it a habit it’s tough to do without.

Get yourself into the habit or doing things differently if you are dissatisfied with you life.

Your mind is like a garden and what you put into your mind will grow and your thoughts will shape who you are and who you become.

For myself, reading helps me to shape my thoughts in a way that provides new possibilities in my life.

Honestly, it brightens my day.

Reading for 15-30 min a day can make a massive change in your life.

Reading things that motivate, inspire, challenge, and get you moving in a new direction.

Don’t limit yourself on the things that you can learn.

Don’t limit yourself on the people you associate yourself with.

And more importantly don’t limit yourself on the things that you can do.

Become who you want to be by reading books and surrounding yourself around those who can be an asset to your life.

To be in a frame of mind that reading can’t change your life and reshape your thoughts is putting yourself into a box and is an excuse for you to put limits on yourself.

Being today to see life in a bigger picture and imagine more out of life if you are someone that is feeling stuck.

Reading , working your mind, and taking action can be a valuable resource in getting yourself unstuck.

You have the power to regain control, but it’s going to take some work.

It’s about creating new habits and reshaping your mind.

That’s what separates the winners from the losers.

Don’t limit yourself!

Best Wishes!


You Are Worth More Than You Think

Today, a friend made me remember something important.

My worth!

I’m far more precious than jewels and my value is far above pearls and any other material possession the world has to offer.

Before taking a stand for anything there’s a route that must be traveled.

Always have an affirmative to whatever causes you support and make sure you have tranquility.

Devise a plan, fathom, comprehend, and execute.

Everyone may not agree with your choices.

That’s life!

People will play in the water with you, but not actually dive to the depths of the sea.

But little do they know at the bottom of the sea is where the true answers will be found.

The message for people to understand is there.

Stones may be thrown along the way, sharks will devour your wisdom and spit it out leaving you tarnished and bruised…fish will swim along your side, but everyone will not capture the treasure of thought to change this world.

It isn’t meant for everyone to understand, every thought we have isn’t meant for everyone’s knowledge.

As long as YOU can change the game of this world with that one thought, you’ve made your contribution to the world.

If people can invent everyday necessities, then you can do it too.

There is greatness within you!

Conquer yourself first, then, conquer each cataclysm this world offers.

Face your fears, face those that don’t believe in you and show them who you really are.

It was once said that the ultimate revenge is mass success.

I have personally burdened myself with the troubles of this world’s society and witnessed others endure the same.

This world can alter a person’s thinking making them believe they lack STRENGTH, VALUE, and LEADERSHIP.


A beautiful mind is the great steed our soul is riding.


Over thinking worldly issues and having our own personal stresses can be overwhelming and this is why we need to be uplifted and encourage daily.

Read something positive every day, watch motivational videos, think positively, and surround yourself with people that can make you better.

Make a conscious effort to be better than you were yesterday, but not as good as you can be tomorrow.

The pineal gland is the seat of the human soul.

Care for it well.

Purify the body/mind, eat healthy, exercise, and find the inner peace within you.

The solution to life seems difficult at first.

Learn how to provide people with warmth and information.

Be the change this world needs and find it in yourself to accomplish the inevitable.

There is so much turmoil in this world.

We are all downtrodden by the social and economic structure.

It often times seems a threat to be knowledgeable or working towards it.

When you acquire spiritual enlightenment and tranquility, it quiets the mind, body, and soul into a state of relaxation giving you the strength to pursue and conquer all obstacles like you were destined to do.

Wake up, live your life, and pursue your dreams.

Best Wishes!


Success Begins With a State of Mind

When it comes to wanting to be more, do more, and achieve more sometimes life gets in the way.

Without a direction of where you are going it’s difficult to get to where you want to go.

Many people in life hope for success, but have no real reason why they want to be successful and even more how to be successful.

In my opinion success begins in the mind.

If you want to be successful you first have to create a successful mindset.

You have to already be successful there for it to even manifest into the real world.

Today I wanted to discuss some things that I feel successful people do.

8 Keys to success:

1) Have a Dream

There must be something deep down inside of you that will push you to work towards being successful and you must have a dream.

Do you dream of having the money, the fame, being a star athlete, the best person you can be, etc.

What is it that will drive you to give it your all every single day?

Put that image in your mind…see it, feel it, touch it, taste it, imagine every single detail as if you were living it.

Paint a vivid picture in your mind.

2) Set Goals

Goal setting is very important and is probably the most important task when it comes to success.

Without goals you will be lost…

Goal setting gives you direction.

Physically you must write down your goals to make them real.

Take those thoughts inside of your head and put them on paper.

Once those goals are written down read them every single day 2-3 times.

Morning, noon, and night.

Your mind will begin to construct ways to accomplish those goals.

Each goal should be a progression to the outcome you are seeking.

3) Be Committed

There will be many obstacles and many pitfalls that will deter you from your goal.

Make sure you are committed!

Program yourself to be strong and confident in yourself to know that there is nothing that can stop you from finishing.

This is what separates the winners from the losers.

Many times people quit too early, unknowingly eliminating themselves from the finish line that is just up ahead.

Focus on the finish and be committed!

4) Keep Good Company

Who you surround yourself with will determine if you make it or not.

You environment is a big key to success.

If you hang around people that aren’t going to motivate and uplift you it will be hard to remain positive, focused, and motivated.

Get around people that are going to encourage you, push you, and provide you with a helping hand.

This might mean having to distance yourself from friends or family for a bit, but it is worth it in the long run.

5) Be Accountable

Success doesn’t come by yourself and you will need the help of others to be successful and remain successful.

Therefore, you must be accountable.

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Learn how to work well with others, develop effective communication skills, and be reliable.

6) Never Stop Learning

I have often heard people say they were finished learning after they were done with school.

One should never stop learning or seeking knowledge.

It doesn’t have to be in the form a school, but never limit one’s self.

Continue to read books and invest in your personal growth.

Successful people spend their time always stretching and developing themselves into something better.

7) Don’t Stop at No

The word “NO” can be very powerful in crushing a person’s confidence.

Don’t let other people’s non-belief in you stop you from moving forward.

People are going to tell you no.

If you cannot get them to say yes find another way to change their mind or move on to the next.

8) Time Management

Time is precious!

We cannot get back time so utilizing your time wisely is important.

Successful people value time and understand it’s importance.

Learn how to get things done in a timely manner and get as much as you can get done during the day.

Constantly strive for success.

Set goals for yourself and find ways to attain those goals.

Never stop learning and growing.

Success is about constantly striving for better.

When you become complacent you begin to lose yourself.

Always work towards being more that you can be and you will live a successful life.

The keys listed above are a good start.

If you follow those strategies I’m sure you will be successful.

To your success.

Best Wishes!


Not All Habits Are Bad: Make It a Habit

Making good behaviors a habit in your life can be an enormous benefit in changing how you feel about yourself and over time how you view yourself.

When making a conscious effort to change and incorporate positive habits in your life, biologically you give yourself the ability to maintain a healthier and less stressful lifestyle.

Habits become automatic once etched into the subconscious and after you have done the habit for a certain period of time you become unaware that you are even doing it.

Most times we often focus on the negative habits we create, but let’s take a look outside of the box and focus on the positive ones and how we can create more positive habits in our daily functioning.

What Are Some Positive Habits?

This list consists of 5 positive habits I have been working on for a while now.

When I first started they seemed like a difficult task, but as time went on it become a part of my daily regimen whether I feel like doing it or not.

1) Creating a Schedule

Before I made a deliberate effort to create a schedule in my life I was lost.

I didn’t really have much direction or a keen sense of where I was going.

Since I have set down and made a schedule for myself my life seems to have more of a direction and a purpose now.

Structure and routine gives me the ability to be able to accomplish lots of tasks in a fairly decent time frame.

It has helped me tremendously with my work habits and finishing things I set out to complete

2) Eating Healthy and Exercise

I have grouped eating healthy and exercise together because they tend to go hand-in-hand.

At least this applies to me.

I have realized since I have started back lifting and running I make better decisions when it comes to eating healthy.

I have reduced my intake of carbonated beverages, as well as lowered my intake of junk foods.

The results I am seeing from the lifting and running encourages me to eat healthy to continue seeing positive results with the development of my body.

3) Developing Good Reading/Study Habits

I have made it a habit to read daily for at least 30min, as well as watch something positive.

This has reduced my television consumption greatly.

I probably watched up to 20 hours of television per week not too long ago. I am now down to 5 hours or less.

Television doesn’t interest me as much anymore because of the non-value it offers.

Since making an effort to read, watch, and surround myself with positive things my mind always yearns for that feeling/knowledge and it has become easier for me to pick up a book to read.

4) Think Positive

With the reading/study habits becoming a part of my daily routine it has encouraged me to think positively.

Some habits create other good habits without you even knowing.

Not much really gets me down or discouraged anymore.

And when it does…a good read gets me back on track.

I see myself in a much more positive light and no matter what people think or feel about me I understand that it is not my issue, but theirs.

5) Never Give Up

This habit was created because of my ability to always think positive.

When you have a predetermined goal in mind and you know that there is no way you can fail, giving up is not an option.

Just imagine if someone told you that no matter what you did in life you would not fail.

What kinds of things would you set out to accomplish?

What kind of goals would you set for yourself?

I have a never give up attitude since the incorporation of some of my positive habits and I know that everything I go through is just a set up for the come up.

Not all habits are created equal, but I feel that these habits I have discussed can be an asset to your life.

I feel these are good habits to have to become the person you want to be.

The faster you decide to make the effort to change, the faster you create a whole new world and vision for who you can be.

Focus on the positive habits more so than the negative ones and see how rapidly your life begins to change.

Best Wishes!


Lead and You Shall Succeed

How often have you had someone talk you into an opportunity and you found that there was no one there to give you guidance?

Who’s in charge here?

Where are the leaders to help you understand what works and what doesn’t work?

If there are leaders, why are they having me do all their testing?

Leadership is a key element to success in any venture, organization, or team.

The challenge is finding a good leader.

However, while good leadership can get you started, you really want leadership who will show you what it takes to become a leader yourself to create other leaders down the road.

What Makes a Leader?

While in college as a track and field sprinter I had the opportunity to lead my teammates every day in practice and competition to push them to be the best athlete they could be.

As a leader I motivated and pushed them through the moments of wanting to give up pushing them to get to where they wanted to be.

We achieved success through goal setting, team work, and maintaining positive attitudes.

During my time as a leader on the field I created All-Americans in my teammates, as well as myself.

This was a very fulfilling experience and will always be dear to my heart.

But on a much deeper level it got me thinking…

What was it that motivated them the way I did?

What makes a good leader?

Now there are many definitions of leadership.

My definition of leadership is the ability to lead a person or group of people to the act of achieving a desired goal.

Much like I did with my teammates years back.

Now I believe it’s not the results a leader can get that makes them good, but the lessons they can teach to those that can eventually put them in the role of a great leader.

Not all people are leaders, but all people can be leaders.

It is all how you perceive yourself and the effort you are willing to put in to change.

Below are some characteristics I feel make a good leader.

Characteristics of a Good Leader


A good leader is self-motivated because they take the time to know their inner self and what gets them going.

You know your strengths and weaknesses knowing what you are capable of doing and thinking outside of the box to achieve your goals.

Always pushing yourself to the limit making a conscious effort to be better than you were yesterday.


A good leader always has a plan and a vision.

Always working towards a goal.

Whether it is something small or something big goal setting is a huge part of their drive to success.

A leader does not only think “I”, but the well-being and success of others.

Ability to Motivate

A good leader knows how to communicate with a number of different people and personalities to motivate them to get the job done.

They do not lead by being bossy but lead by example, encouragement, and excitement.

This person is compassionate and understands the dynamics of getting people to act.

These are a few qualities I feel like a good leader must have to be effective in their field of work.

While my list is what I believe makes a good leader it is not limited to more qualities you may think makes a good leader.

In the overall scope of things without a real leader guiding you along the correct path it is easy to go astray and never achieve the things you want in life because you do not know how or just don’t have the motivation.

To be a good leader one must know how to follow.

Best Wishes!

How to Effectively Visualize to Create the Life You Want

Done correctly visualization is VERY POWERFUL and can get you anything you desire.

It doesn’t cost any money, but it does require that you have an open mind.

Relaxation is important when visualizing…

You must be in a positive state of mind.

Find a quiet place like your bedroom, closet, bathroom, or any getaway spot.

Usually optimal timing is early morning or at night but whatever works best for YOU is fine.

When in your quiet place close your eyes and begin to relax.

Slowly take deep breaths taking yourself deeper and deeper to your place of comfort.

Just relax, don’t make it difficult…

When READY, begin to visualize what it is YOU want.

If it’s a vacation…

Visualize the location. Begin to see the landmarks, the people, the conversations.

Feel the weather, smell the air, and take in all the sounds.

See yourself as if you were actually there and begin to immerse yourself fully into  that environment.

Let your imagination run wild…Don’t hold anything back!

Practice this at least once a day, but preferably two to three times daily anytime you can get 5-15 minutes to yourself.

Do not stop until your goal happens.

Make it a habit!

Always put yourself in a positive state of mind. Believe that you will have it.

Expect that it is already yours for the taking.

Start off with small goals and begin to work your way up to bigger goals as you become more skilled with your visualization.

Motivational speaker Les Brown says, “If you can see it, you can believe it!”

Begin today to start seeing the things you want in your life.

Alter your way of thinking.

Become proactive, instead of reactive.

Focus on bringing nothing but good into your life.

Constantly focus on visualizing how you want your life to be and then create it.

Action is key…

And it all starts with visualization.

Best Wishes!


Fear: The Number One Roadblock

Many people live their whole lives dreaming about something, but never take the time to really put their time and effort into doing it.

They go through the motions living day-to-day as a prisoner in their own minds not having the courage to take the necessary steps to pursue their dreams because of one reason.

That reason is fear!

All of us are afraid of something, but the one thing we do not realize is that it is all in our minds. It has been said that fear is our greatest enemy.

Fear is behind not pursuing dreams, failure, sickness, and lack of building relationships with others.

Fear is just a thought that people create in their minds to produce a feeling of safety so when you are afraid of something you are really just afraid of your own thoughts.

How to Overcome Fear?

Ralph Waldo Emerson the nineteenth-century philosopher and poet said, “Do the thing you are afraid to do, and death of fear is certain.”

To overcome your fears you have to face them.

I can remember being extremely afraid of speaking in front of a crowd.

Just the thought of it made my throat get tight and knees begin to buckle, but after practicing and doing several presentations in front of peers my fear of public speaking began to disappear with each speech.

It was a wonderful feeling to be able to get in front of people and not be nervous to the point I thought I was going to “black out.”

Before then the fear of my mind going blank, stuttering, or not looking my best were all fears that hindered me from taking the necessary steps to speak in front of others.

Taking the time out to really understand that is was all in my mind and that preparation, practice, and action was what I needed to get rid of that fear I felt much better and more accomplished after conquering it.

When you make that decision to conquer your fears and you face them head first the mind makes a shift with your belief and instead of what you fear being foreign it becomes a part of you.

Visualize yourself conquering whatever fear it is you may have before doing it.

Find a quiet place, close your eyes, and see yourself in your mind doing whatever it is your fear.

Imagine the pounding of your heartbeat, the shake in your limbs, and the strain in your voice.

Give yourself positive self-talk that it is all in your mind and you can do all things you believe you can do.

Take slow deep breaths to calm your nerves and see yourself conquering that fear over and over until you are ready to put it into action.

Don’t be afraid to take chances or risks. Learn to think outside of the box and get out of that comfort zone.

It’s amazing the world that you can open up for yourself if you just open up your mind to the things the world has to offer.

Not everyone is going to like you, not everyone is going to see things from your perspective, and not everyone is going to be attracted to you.

Do not let fear be the reason you do not pursue the things it is you would like to do because it is your duty to live the life you see fit for yourself.


Your Actions Lead to Results

I had a discussion with a friend about the importance of taking action.

I explained that taking action is the most important thing a person can do when it comes to success and growth.

You can have all the knowledge in the world, but if you don’t apply that knowledge then it is useless in the achievement of anything.

One of the biggest differences between the successful and unsuccessful often times is action.

How many times have you heard someone express that they have all these brilliant ideas, but never put those ideas into effect? I’ll wait…

Exactly! I’m sure hundreds if not thousands of time.

Many people have dreams, which is marvelous but a dream is just that until one takes the initiative to turn that dream into reality.

You can have faith, belief, and goals but without any action there is no possibility of results.

We have all been placed here for a reason and quite often people never take the time to figure out their true meaning, their purpose in life.

Sometimes it’s because they don’t believe they can, don’t know how, or are afraid of what might happen.

Many people are comfortable where they are. Not having the courage to live up to their fullest potential.

There are many people that go through life wishing and hoping they had more, but are afraid to step outside of the box to go get what they deserve because they are afraid of change.

They continue to do the same things…living their lives in a rut.

Why is action so important?

I believe action has the ability to build character. Action is always positive because it changes your psyche.

Action has the ability to open up your mind to things you never knew were possible for yourself.

You begin to realize that things you were afraid of or felt like you could not do aren’t as bad as you thought.

Or maybe you realize they are as bad as you thought, but you no longer have the doubt, thus expanding yourself to do other things.

I can remember back when I didn’t know how to swim.

I would always be on the shallow end while my friends were having fun in the deep end.

A friend recommended that I come over to the deep end so I could be a part of the group activities.

I decided to give it a shot.

Having imagined myself swimming and having enough confidence in myself to at least know how to “doggy paddle” I jumped into the deep end and literally began swimming.

I would have never known I could swim if I would have never took action.

After that I learned how to breast stroke, free style, butterfly, and back stroke.

My actions lead to the ability to become an efficient swimmer through practice and a positive mind.

You see action has the awesome ability of removing fear and opening up your mind to a world of endless possibility.

When you take action you gain experience and experience can lead to expertise.

So be brave, but not stupid.

Face that fear and take action now!

Invest in Yourself: Your Success Depends on It

I have often heard people discuss making investments. But why is it that you rarely hear people discuss investing in themselves?

We are responsible for our own actions and if you are stuck and don’t know where to turn, investing in yourself should be a top priority for you.

What do I mean by Investing in Yourself?

Investing in yourself is about learning, growing, changing, and stretching. Don’t get stuck in a rut and allow yourself to be stagnant and not constantly moving forward.

The first thing you must realize is you are your most valuable asset. No matter where you are in life, what you’re going through, what you’ve done, and where you’ve been you have the power to change.

Investing in yourself starts with realizing that you aren’t perfect and there’s always a way you can improve on yourself mentally, spiritually, physically, financially, or emotionally. You have the power to change.

Often times we don’t know where to start that change. And if we’ve made it that far, it’s easy to question if you have the power to change. I’m here to tell you that you do.

You always have a chance to make things right or make things better in your life. It’s about creating a new you and envisioning a new life or new habits for yourself.

It takes figuring yourself out and what it is you wish to change. I’ve noticed that people never take the time to figure that out because it’s a self-evaluation of your imperfections and more often than not people are afraid of the truth.

If you aren’t one of those people this is definitely for you. So if I still have your attention I’d like to discuss 5 ways you begin investing in yourself and making that change in creating a better more successful life.

Ways to Invest In Yourself?

  1. Read at least 30 min daily. There are different kinds of books. Find books that interest you to get your imagination going. Make a habit of reading books on things you don’t know, but would like to. Read books on past people that were great or whom inspire you. Polish up on your speaking, writing, and communication with others. Reading helps to improve on all these things.
  1. Networking is a way to invest in yourself. Go around and meet people that you think can assist you with becoming better. People you see as positive that can teach you something new and expand your perspective about something you didn’t previously know. Build yourself up as someone visibly valuable in your community and see the number of opportunities that will become available to you.
  1. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. If there’s something you want to do, do it. If you think you have something to offer, don’t be afraid to show it to the world or anyone that might be interested. Don’t be afraid to miss an opportunity to help someone resolve an issue or pain in their life if you can assist.
  1. Be open to new forms of learning. Maybe it’s a video, attending a seminar, taking a special class, meeting with someone that knows more than you, or taking a course. Don’t be afraid to try new forms of growing. Who knows? You might find one you really enjoy.
  1. Hone the skills that you have. If you have a skill that might give you an edge over the next person, take the time to improve on that skill, and figure out how you can offer it to the public.

You should begin today to start developing a hunger for a greater purpose.

Investing in YOU can yield greater returns for you in the future far more than any other investment you can make.

Take the opportunity to learn who you are.

Build on your strengths and improve on your weaknesses. Focus on building a better you daily and improving relationships around you across the board.

You always have the opportunity to be better, do better, and achieve more. Begin today. Start with the suggestions I discussed earlier and see what kind of change you can make.

Who knows what direction you can take your life. If you ultimately wish to have a better life and be successful always know it starts with a constantly evolving you.