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I’ve been away from my blog for a little over a week now.

It’s been tough for me to get blogging done with internet connection issues, family issues, and other obligations in my life.

My mind has really been going thinking about not being able to post and do the things I enjoy most when it comes to blogging and growing my blog business.

The one thing I’ve learned through all this is that the work that I’ve put in up to this point is paying off.

Thinking that not being able to blog has hurt me I have come to realize that it hasn’t been that bad.

I’ve continued to get a steady flow of traffic to my website through the search engine and also through other traffic resources I’ve been working on.

Finally being able to get back to blogging I feel energized, refreshed, and motivated to get back to business.

Today I wanted to discuss why it’s important to focus on getting your website or articles ranked in the search engine for traffic and some things you can do to improve your search engine rankings.

Why is Search Engine Optimization Important?

Search engine optimization is important to your website because it allows you the ability to gain visitors organically.

The people that come to your website through the search engine are usually targeted and looking for what you have to offer.

This is huge when it comes to gaining subscribers and making sales – big or small.

Good SEO practices improve the user experience, as well as the flow of your website.

Using good practices allow you to rank much higher in the search engines improving your credibility and authority in your niche.

This goes a long way when it comes to separating yourself from the competition.

If you and another website are offering the same products and services, the website that is optimized the best is more likely to have more customers than the other.

This can also lead to more sales if your copy and funnel is set up correctly.

3 Tips to Gain Success With Search Engine Optimization

If you want success with search engine optimization you will want to focus on a few strategies that will allow you the best results to improve your business.

Here are three tips to focus on:

1) Monitor your competitors

Focusing on what other successful people are doing in your niche is vital.

If competitors are making changes to their websites they have probably discovered a new strategy to improve in the search engine.

Make sure you are keeping up with the latest trends and strategies in your market.

That doesn’t mean jump on every new thing that is going on, but it does mean be aware of changes and do the proper research needed to figure out if they will be beneficial to you or not.

Never get comfortable in your business.

If you’ve been doing things that have been working by all means stick to that, but always be on the lookout for ways to improve and take your business to new levels.

2) Study your traffic logs

Studying your traffic is important.

You should always know where your traffic is coming from and how much you are getting.

If it’s a particular keyword then make more articles surrounding that keyword and leverage it.

Continue looking for keywords that don’t have much competition, but have a decent amount of searches and figure out how to get ranked for those keywords.

If you can rank high in the search engine for low competition keywords with reasonable traffic you can get visitors flowing to your website like clockwork.

You can locate your logs through your web hosting service or use tools like Google Analytics to give you an idea of the kind of traffic you’re getting daily.

3) Try to inspire sales

If you’ve reached a point where traffic is flowing and you feel comfortable with your SEO efforts you want to figure out a way to convert those visitors into sales.

With the right tools and copy in place you can create an income for yourself.

The main thing you want to be doing is capturing your visitors and sending them through a sales funnel.

You can do this through an autoresponder that has an email newsletter series.

Give your subscribers an ebook, video series, or a list of tools that can help them improve their business or solve a problem.

Don’t allow your SEO efforts to go to waste.

Turn your traffic into sales.

When it comes to running a successful business this should be your end result.

Keep these points in mind and you can have success in your business in no time.

Start using these strategies immediately in your business.

Your list building efforts should be started on day one.

Once that traffic starts flowing free or paid you can already have your funnel set to turn those leads into sales.

Best Wishes!


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SEO Tips

8 Winning SEO Tips You Can Count On

If your website isn’t optimized at all, getting web traffic can be a difficult task.

Search engine optimization is one technique that can be used to achieve getting more traffic to your website without having to pay for traffic.

Traffic is important when it comes to the success of your online business.

Without traffic you have no chance of exposing potential customers to your product or services being offered.

No traffic equals no sales.

By optimizing your website and your posts you can improve your chances of gaining more organic traffic and increasing your odds of improving the sales of your business.

Today I wanted to discuss 8 winning seo tips that you can count on to improve your seo rankings and increase the traffic to your online business.

8 Winning SEO Tips

1. Establish the Main Keyword for Your Site

One of the first things you have to do is find a relevant keyword that’s going to entail what your website is about.

This is a good start to optimizing your website because it’s the base of building relevancy and continuity.

The search engines like for a website to line up correctly across the board as far as keywords and information.

If all those things are linked together properly your website looks better in the search engines and your get rewarded by getting better rankings.

2. Utilize a Keyword Tool

It’s not enough to just post information on your website.

Research needs to be done on what people want and what they are searching for.

Using a Keyword Tool can help your figure those things out and you can create your content around that.

This can go a long way for you as far as SEO and getting more traffic to your website.

Make sure you find a good keyword tool to use.

If you want a free one you can use the Google Keyword Tool in Google Adwords.

Just sign up for an Adwords account and get very comfortable with Google Keyword Tool.

3. Create Exceptional Content

Information is king online and people are searching for content daily.

If you have a blog then content is what people come to your website for.

Make sure you are creating exceptional content that people want.

Solve problems, answer questions, teach, and help people become better with your content.

Write articles consistently and keep people wanting more.

These will assist you with creating fans and having repeat visitors that enjoy reading and sharing your content.

4. Take Advantage of Other Traffic Resources

There are tons of free traffic methods that can help improve your website in the search engine.

Be sure to utilize writing articles for other online marketing websites.

Participate in discussions with other blogs relevant to your niche.

Join forums and become an engaging part of the community.

Interact, ask questions, and provide answers to members of the forum.

5. Analyze the Marketplace

Things are constantly changing online so you want to make sure you are keeping up with what’s going on.

Be aware of the wants and needs of the marketplace and design your content, your website, and your entire business around it.

Do you best to be what the marketplace needs and people will come to you for answers.

6. Link Your Website to Relevant Websites

Linking your website to other relevant websites and directories will help increase your backlinks.

Backlinks are huge in assisting with your seo rankings and getting your website higher.

The more relevant the website and authority it has in the marketplace will assist with making your website stronger in the search engines.

This helps with building a strong foundation for your website if done correctly.

Take your time with building backlinks to other sites.

Too many backlinks at one time can actually hurt your rankings due to faulty tactics.

7. Update Your Pages Often

Always do your best to keep fresh and relevant content connected to your website.

By adding new content frequently you can get more pages out into the internet world.

This looks good to the search bots that crawl your website to see if any changes have been made.

8. Be Persistent

Gaining success in your SEO efforts is going to take some time.

Persistence is important.

Always strive to improve your content and make your website better.

If you have relevant content and all things match up across the board you can and will improve your web traffic.

The best part about SEO is all the traffic is organic, relevant, and free.

While there are other seo tips that can be utilized these are a great place to start.

It is very important to be patient in applying your SEO tips.

Keep in mind that it’s going to take some time before you can reach benefits from your seo efforts.

Aside from that, SEO is something that you need to do continually, even if you have already attained your goals.

It is a continuous process to remain competitive.

Continue searching for seo tips and applying them to your online business.

Best Wishes!

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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

As of October 2014, the number of active websites in the world had hit the 1 billion mark and has grown even more since then.

With such a huge number of sites all competing for attention from the search engines, only the very best make it to the first page in the results.

To realize this, website owners implement a number of time-tested and recommended strategies known as search engines optimization (SEO).

SEO Defined

SEO is a process of improving a website’s rank in search engines.

This practice involves various elements like the content on your pages to the number and quality of backlinks to a website.

It can mean structuring your website in a manner that is easily understood by the search engines.

Unlike common belief, SEO does not mainly entail building websites that are search engines-friendly but also seeing to it that you deliver visitors the best user experience.

These two principles go hand in hand and when achieved, attaining higher ranking in search engines results pages is definite.

Why SEO Is Important

As earlier mentioned, there are millions of websites targeting top slots on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and

Web users have one common characteristic; they trust results shown on the first pages because it saves them time and people have grown accustomed to assuming the best information/products are of sites at the top.

If your website is listed among the first, then it is assumed that it is trustworthy and worth checking out.

This means that highly ranked websites attract more traffic, which translates to more income for the owners.

Being found on the web is important because it determines the success of your website or online business.

If your site cannot be found and effectively ranked by the search engines, then it is as good as dead-you don’t exist.

To achieve this, SEO enables websites to appear whenever a search query is made in the search engines using keywords of choice.

Types of SEO

There are two main SEO types; the white hat and black hat SEO.

White hat SEO practices are standard, generally acceptable and recommended techniques with long lasting techniques.

They mainly revolve around ensuring superior quality and unique content on the site, friendly user interface, high PR backlinks and such attributes.

Black hat on the other hand is a dangerous technique that is used to trick search engines into ranking websites without factoring in the white hat elements.

These should be avoided at all costs.

Some of the tricks include keyword stuffing and using link farms to name a couple things.

Search engines frequently update their algorithms that penalize such sites and remove them from search results.

On Page Vs. Off-Page SEO

There are two main platforms for SEO; enhancing the on-page features of a website as well as off-page attributes that help improve a website’s rank on the search engines.

Some on-page SEO elements include quality (and quantity) of content on the site, organizational structure, user-interface, proper use of metadata, frequent content updates, among other.

Off-page SEO on the other hand involves creation of backlinks to the site.

This can be done through blogging, social media sharing of content, forums, plus many more.

Search engines optimization is can be complex, but it is nothing close to rocket science.

In as much as website owners can try and implement some of the aforementioned features and practices on their own, contracting the services of a competent SEO expert is highly recommended for the best results.

Note that SEO is a journey and not a destination.

Even if you succeed in making it to the first page, you have to keep implementing these strategies to maintain the position or risk dropping and losing it to other websites eyeing that very position.

Remain consistent and constantly learn what’s new.

Everything on the internet changes rapidly and it’s your duty to stay in the loop.

Best Wishes!

Plan for Success

Plan for Success: Create The Best SEO Strategy

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a procedure tactics, techniques and strategy utilized to help boost the traffic of visitors to a particular website, including YOUR website.

This is possible only by attaining a top-ranking place on the search page of different search engine sites.

If you have a plan for success with your SEO strategies you can surely get your page ranked higher and generate more traffic for your website or blog.

Today I want to discuss six steps for you to achieve your goal.

6 Steps to Plan for Success with SEO

1) Prepare an account of keywords

Keywords are the hub of attraction for any SEO content.

Selecting the right keywords to utilize can either bring you success or failure in your SEO planning.

Assemble a number of keywords that are best related to your products or services, and feed them into Google’s keyword Tool.

These keywords will assist your web page to draw the attention of the web spider, which will drag your web page to be among the top ranking pages in the search engine.

2) Construct pages, keeping keywords as the prime focus

When it is about website priority in different search engines, it is highly advisable to build numerous webpages categorized to definite phrases and keywords.

But if your attempt is to get number of keywords in one page, it can sound like an impossible task.

Depending on the keyword checklist you use, you can plan for the number of pages that will need to be created.

Finally, the total number of offerings, products your company can provide, as well as the prime locations of your organization should be equal to the total number of web pages that need to be created.

Thus, the plan for success in SEO marketing will totally depend on you using the right usage of keywords.

3) Create a blog

Well, to engage your customers and also to rank your keywords, blogging is the most interesting way.

This is because every posted blog is just an innovative way of creating new web page.

This will give you an excellent opportunity to rank higher in the search engine.

Remember, blogging sets a strong platform for you to plan for success in SEO marketing.

4) Construct a well-organized plan for link-building

While the top three steps are dedicated to single-page SEO strategy, link-building is one prime motive to do off-page SEO.

On the one side it plays a big role on making search engines rank the website.

You can always use the help of social networking sites to advertise your links. For example, there’s Facebook,

Twitter, LinkedIn and those are just a few of the most popular ones.

You can even share links with other business sites.

This gives you better chances for the web spider to track your links and elevate your web page to a higher rank in the search engine.

5) Always keep yourself updated with SEO practices and news

Like other marketing strategies even SEO marketing is always ever-evolving.

Always keeping yourself updated is a rather difficult task at times.

With internet driven media, nothing stays the same for very long. Yet there are multiple resources available online that will make it convenient for you to stay updated on SEO related news and practices.

The important thing is to stay informed and current with the market relevant to your product or services.

As trends and the market change, altering your SEO strategy for better ranking of your website is necessary to stay on top,

Here is a list of resources that can help you stay updated.

  • SEO book
  • SEO Omoz
  • This Blog!
  • Search Engine Land
  • Search Engine Roundtable

6) Always measure or keep a track of your SEO success 

SEO can consume a lot of effort and time.

But what is the use of spending sincere effort and time, when the labor given will fail to bear fruit?

There are many metrics that can help you track your SEO strategy on day-to-day  and also monthly basis.

Observe and note what is working best and where you can improve your keywords if needed.

Benefits you can gain from SEO marketing

The investment is marginal

Compared to other form of marketing, SEO marketing is very pocket-friendly.

You will have to invest little for this type of marketing.

But, the results obtained in the form of viewership is very impressive.

Thus, your business will build a larger clientele base within a marginal advertisement cost.

High brand credibility

Most consumers and internet users operate under the notion that the top list of results available are usually the best according to the search engines.

Take Google for example.

The higher you are, the more confidence buyers seem to have in your product/services.

The idea is that the site must be frequently shopped and supported if Google is placing as a top site, not understanding that traffic can be gained through many avenues.

Not just actual sales or clicks.

Thus the higher in terms of ranking of your website the more brand credibility you gain for your website.

By creating a plan for success with your SEO you can really begin to see your website climb to the top using these strategies.

Getting your website to the top of the engines should be a priority for your business.

By following a well thought out plan and taking consistent action good things are sure to happen over time.

Best wishes!


Backlinks: A Way to Increase Web Traffic

Backlinks are the building blocks of good search engine optimization and are excellent to use when building a website.

If you are looking for a way to improve how your website shows up in the search engines, backlinking from other websites to yours is a great way to get your search ranking up.

If you currently do not have any backlinks to your site or aren’t building any here are some basics to get started.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are hyperlinks that are directed to your website from another website.

You might have links from a webpage on your site that point to another site or outside links from another webpage that point to your site.

Links that come from another web source to yours are considered backlinks because they direct back to your site once clicked.

They can be used as a means to improve site authority in the search engines or as a way to improve incoming traffic to your page.

Why are they Important?

The number of links a website has is a good indicator of its popularity and its importance with search engines.

Google, the most popular search engine on the web today, gives higher rankings to websites with a larger number of backlinks giving the site more credibility.

It’s important to build links to your website via credible sources because it shows that your website provides quality content that is relevant.

It’s not enough just to have a bunch of links from sites that aren’t of any value in the search engines, but from sites that are credible and are of similar content.

Your links should come from relevant websites that provide quality content.

Other blog site, press releases, and social media sites are places to link with.

Paying for links is not recommended because there is no way for you to control where the links are coming from and how fast they are being linked.

It would seem pretty suspect if you have a brand new site with 50,000 backlinks all done in a week.

Done this way search engines may end up banning your site if they feel like you are manipulating the process.

It’s best to build your backlinks slowly and over time.

Having quality backlinks to your site will attract quality visitors.

There are many strategies that can be used to link your website with others.

Some have been discussed here, but there are many other ways that can be used to backlink your site.

Figure out which ones work best for you and what you are trying to accomplish with your site.

Keeping track of your links is helpful to know which sites are linking back to you for any tweaking or research to continue improving your rankings.

Backlinks should be a priority in your search engine optimization efforts.

It’s going to take some work, but shouldn’t be rushed and should be done over time to gradually increase your rankings and improve the quality of your traffic.

Keep track of which techniques work best for you and continue to improve on those and learn new techniques over time.

Remain consistent with your link building campaign and over time you will see vast improvements traffic.

Best Wishes!