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5 Ways to Focus and Achieve Your Goals

Goals are very important so today I wanted to focus on 5 ways to hold your focus and achieve your goals.

Life, accomplishments, success, and advancement all depend on having goals and doing what it takes to achieve those goals.

The secret is to have one focus set on success.

This helps to keep your thoughts concentrated, and your energy does not get dissipated by going in a lot of different directions.

It’s easy to get distracted by finding ways to focus on other things, but the key is to build momentum in all things relevant to the goal instead of distraction.

It is all about focus and with focus you can achieve your goals.

We will discuss more about ways to hold your focus in a bit…

But let’s get into the power of goal setting and what it can do for you in your life.

The first and most important step is to put your goals in writing. Some place where they are easily visible and allotted time that you can focus on them daily.

Take time out of the day to allow yourself a chance to visualize, focus, and execute them as needed. Look at them often and ask yourself questions on how you can achieve your goals.

Most people who set goals and create a plan to set those goals end up finding themselves headed in the right direction when given a purpose.

It’s like a Captain and his ship. To get to where you are going you need coordinates and an effective plan to reach your destination. Goal setting is no different.

Those that do not set goals usually get left in the dust wondering and questioning why success seems to elude them.

While I realize there are people who naturally enjoy success without setting goals, most of us have to if we have any chance of getting from point A to point B.

In my experience with goal setting, past and present, I find that in addition to writing them out, pictures of my goals and associated items, help me to visualize actually having them.

I do this with the use of a vision board or a dry erase board where I right down ideas, plans, timelines, etc.

It gives me the confidence to think that it is just a matter of time until everything will be completed, as well as a road map to help me do the necessary things needed to feel like I’m going in the right direction.

This really helps to subdue any negative vibes that may arise during the journey.

If that plan fails, it’s back to the drawing board with a new plan until my goal is completed.

One thing I can tell you is without consistency you will never achieve anything. The power of consistency is vital in achieving many things.

It’s about making a decision and going full throttle.

In the past I’ve struggled with consistency. Struggled with believing that the work I was doing was for nothing. And have struggled with friends and family not supporting or believing in what I was doing.

Get to a point where you make up your mind. Whether anyone is there with you or not you have to do it for YOU. YOU and YOU only even if you have nothing else to stand on find something that will motivate you.

Having a background in sprinting, weightlifting, and fitness I still have issues with working out consistently, but it’s a passion for me and I can never leave it alone.

But I’ve realized that it never gets old and it’s part of me. The journey of staying consistent is what makes is so exciting.

I have also been in the internet marketing space for some years now and have yet to have any huge successes because of my lack of consistency. Always finding excuses or ways to cut back and eventually give up.

There should be no excuses no matter what the circumstance. If there’s something you want bad enough you do what you need to get to get it. Period!

I can remember a few years back…

I was broke, jobless, going through legal troubles, and had no direction in my life. Everything seemed to not be going my way, but I realized it was all created by my thoughts and my lack of having any real, DESIREABLE goals.

It’s about developing a mindset, becoming success driven, goal-oriented, and focused. Pushing the negative self talk aside every chance you get. And coming up with ideas you immediately act on.

Break them down into smaller actions, and then into smaller actions until you come up with something simple, something that does not seem so big it discourages you from finishing.

Anything within reason can be achieved when broken down into something smaller and more manageable. Focus on each process and allow the event to happen, instead of focusing on the event and finding ways to shortcut the process.

The process is the most important part. The event is the reward you reap for completing each process and becoming a problem solver. That’s what goals are about.

With that being said let’s take a look at what you came here for…

5 Ways to Focus and Achieve Your Goals:

  1. Write down your goal/goals and review them frequently. Immerse your mind, thoughts, emotions, feelings, and actions in the process.
  2. Create a vision board or a plan that will allow your mind to give attention to your goals daily. It should become a point where even when you aren’t consciously thinking about your goals your subconscious is still working on a solution.
  3. Talk about your goals every chance you get, review them every chance you get, and find people that will hold you accountable. Commit yourself to doing this daily.
  4. Break down your goals to steps that become simple, be specific with the small things needed to complete the ultimate goal.
  5. Set your mind to ‘WIN’, there is no other option to consider. Create the illusion that your back is against the wall and the only way out is to succeed.

Developing focus is a principle to success. Build momentum in all things instead of distraction. Make it work for you. Don’t be allowed to question yourself and ask others for help. Even if you think the question may be stupid.

Make a checklist of the 5 strategies listed above and place them where they can be seen. Review them as often as your goals. These are the building blocks that will help you become the person you need to be to ultimately win in the end.

You Can Do It!!!