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Why Solo Ads Are An Effective Method to Build an Email List

Solo ads, also known as an ezine, are probably one of the least utilized advertising methods on the internet today.

Solo ads are an online newsletter that sells advertising space without any other ads to compete with.

The good part about solo ads is that you don’t have to wait for traffic to come to you.

They provide instant targeted traffic that can be easy to scale once your campaign has been tested and tweaked.

You can contact your target audience directly without having to build your own lists.

You have the ability to use other people’s lists to grown your very own quickly.

It’s a very effective method of getting your message in front of new subscribers without any distractions.

How Solo Ads Work

Solo ads are stand alone advertisements that you can use to promote yourself, your business, or your product.

You find a vendor in your niche, purchase space on their ezine, and they send out your message/offer to their entire list for a fee.

Depending on the agreement your solo ad gets sent out once or a number of times to encourage subscribers to take immediate action.

Benefits of using solo ads…

Ezine solo ads can be very cost effective compared to other advertising methods on the web.

They give you the luxury of being able to reach a much larger audience for less in most cases.

Furthermore, if you do the right research, the traffic is also super targeted.

In effect you are using other people’s targeted list to build your very own subscriber list by tapping directly into their inbox.

You are better able to hold the subscribers attention because they only get to see your ad.

If your ad copy is up to par you can build a list quickly and create your own subscriber list of raving fans in no time.

How to get the most from your solo ad campaign…

You will get the best from your solo ad campaigns if you target subscribers that are directly related to your niche.

If your targeting doesn’t match what you are selling more than likely people aren’t going to be interested.

You will just be throwing money down the drain.

Do your best to provide value to the recipients.

Your objective to is get them to provide you with their contact information.

Never try to sell them in the first email.

Provide them with an offer they can’t refuse to get them to subscribe to your list.

Once your have their information, build a relationship, and then fill a need.

Track your results…

It is imperative that you track your results by monitoring the number of clicks, leads, or sales each of your solo ad campaigns generate.

This will help you to improve on your campaigns and to be able to scale up later once your have all the kinks fixed.

Solo ads are a great way you can use to build your email list.

It’s going to take time and effort to get it correct because their are lots of components to consider to make a solo ad work.

A lot of people struggle with finding the right providers, writing effective ad copy, and even figuring out how to convert the leads into sales.

You can use Google to find ezine ad providers in your niche by typing “Ezine” into the search box and whatever niche your in.

Make sure you ask the provider any questions you may have and only purchase when you are comfortable.

You can learn “how to write ad copy” on your own or outsource someone else more experienced to write for you until you are comfortable with writing your own ad copy.

Building a relationship with your list is important.

This will be the most important aspect of converting your leads into sales.

Provide them with quality content and engage your list directly.

Ask questions, provide videos, tutorials, webinars, etc.

There are many ways to build a good relationship with your list.

It’s all about what you are comfortable with.

But overall, you should just be yourself.

Best Wishes!

Solo Ad

Solos Ads: How to Write a Compelling Solo Ad

When growing an online business awareness needs to be given to your product or service to make any kind of income.

Your main goal is to provide something that the customer is missing, but how can you get what you have to offer in front of those that are seeking you?

One of the best ways to get targeted traffic to your site is solo ad advertising and writing compelling solo ad copy.

If you are to make the kind of sales you desire writing compelling solo ad content is vital to bringing life to your business.

What is a Solo Ad?

A solo ad is a form of advertisement sent out void of any other advertisements. No other ads are seen or competing.

Therefore, somebody that clicks on your ad usually clicks on it because they are generally interested in what you have to offer.

How to Write a Solo Ad?

A solo ad must appeal to the reader and get across exactly what you want to say in a limited amount of space to keep operating costs within budget.

It must be written in a way that is going to produce the results you are seeking of gaining leads or making a sale.

Now when a reader is observing the page they are on, looking at whatever information they are seeking, your solo ad must stand out amongst the others on the page.

There has to be something unique about your ad that will get them to stop what they are doing and browse. This is why your first few words in your ad are most important.

They must jump out the grab the reader’s attention!

Make sure you choose your words very strategically and carefully. The reader must get something out of your ad in a few short words…

How can they benefit from what you have to offer?

How can you make their life better or easier?

Now once you have got their attention and mind going you have to provide them with a bit more information in a capture page and get them to act quickly on your offer.

You can provide them with a “guarantee offer” or a “limited time special offer.” Interest them, make them desire your offer, and get them to take immediate action.

Without these ingredients it is going to be difficult to get people to become a lead and potential customer. Your objective is to get as many leads as possible within your budget because time is money.

Research what ads are working if you have multiple ads and adjust your ads based on the positive/negative information you are receiving from the amount of clicks you get. It may take some trial and error, but can be done with time and effort.

Don’t Be a Gimmick

Keep it simple and to the point. Research and find out what other solo ads are working and do what they do.

You want to write out your solo ad and read it out loud to yourself. Ask yourself if you were a potential customer would you be interested in what this person was offering based off your ad.

Read different techniques and strategies that will help you improve on your ad copy. Make sure you provide your name in the copy so that people can feel more comfortable and trusting with giving you their information.

Finish with a P.S.

I finish my ads with a P.S. so it’s the last thing that the readers see to stick in their minds. It usually details an important sales piece or a brief message on the product or service I am offering.

Always remember the K.I.S.S. principle. Kit It Simple…You know the rest.

With these tips you will be sure to increase your business productivity.

Best wishes!!!